Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a gift.

We have a real dining room table!  Oh, the joy!  

Zach had purchased a nice high top table before we got married, which is pretty, but a little high for a shorty like me, and definitely not conducive to kids or extra guests.  So, we brought our picnic table inside.  And although the picnic table (side note: our everyday china in those photos has been discontinued!  I'm so sad...and on the search for a replacement plate.) has given us a great run, it was time for a change (and chair backs!).  So, I began the search for a great, thick, white dining room table to seat six people.  There are lots of great options, just not necessarily options we can afford at this moment.  Well, turns out my grandparents were planning on replacing their old table with a smaller one and they flat out gave us their old (but new-looking) Amish-made table and chairs this week.  I'm in heaven.  It's made with this sturdy, oh so thick wood.  And six whole people can sit comfortably.  Even more if you add the two leaves.  Glorious.  So thankful for this really nice gift.  And grateful that my parents were able to come over and share the first dinner at it.  :)


  1. What a beautiful table! It looks perfect in your home!


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