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Oh, this makes me want to take up needlepoint (Correction: My mom informed me that this is embroidery!  Whoops! :).
{By Posie gets Cozy via MakingItLovely}

Royal beauty.

This is one of my absolute favorite images yet.  I couldn't (can't) get enough of the Royal Wedding.   Everything about it...her dress, the incredible music, the trees lining the aisle.  What an incredible event!  I found myself a little suprised by her dress choice, but I absolutely loved it.  So stunning.  I most definitely shed a tear or two.
{Image found here}

Play date.

I know I probably wouldn't actually use these, but they're so adorable that I can barely stand it.  The back has a place to write all your play date info!
{let's play appointment card business cards on Minted}

Royal Wedding.

For some reason, I convinced myself that I didn't care about the royal wedding.  Me, the woman who houses stacks of magazines, a one Elton John CD, and a commemorative beanie baby from the days after Princess Di's passing, all hiding under a bed somewhere.   Who was I kidding?  I'll be watching all much as Eloise will allow.  :)
{Image found here}

Chewbeads again.

I know I already posted on these a few times, but one of the biggest google searches that leads people here right now is "chewbeads sale."  So, 8moms has the $15 for $30 worth of Chewbeads deal again (click'll need to scroll down a bit)!!  Wahoo!  I received mine last week and I love them!  I've gotten quite a few compliments, and the best part is seeing the reaction when you tell people it's teething jewelry.  Eloise loves them, too!  Anyways, I bought the Jane necklace in turquoise and a Cornelia bracelet in emerald and one of my friends bought the Hudson (above).  It's super, super cute.  I'm tempted to get that one as well.

Eames Rocker.

I know we decided getting an Eames rocker wouldn't be the best decision for our nursery, but I still find myself drooling over them.  I'm hoping we'll own one someday!

{Design Within Reach Eames Molded Plastic Rocker}

{A cheaper reproduction version by Exclusively Home}

Grocery Lists.

I've been meaning to put these up for a long time.  I depend on these grocery list pads.  Instead of writing your list, you check off what you need (they have blank lines for unlisted items), significantly decreasing the chance of forgetting anything.  I don't know what I'd do without them...they keep me sane.  I completely dislike grocery shopping.  Also, I love the fact that they're set in categories, so I don't find myself running from aisle to aisle.  Zach found this for me at Anthropologie, but I've seen them at Pier 1 as well.
{Knock Knock All Out of Pad}
p.s.  I also found this entertaining.

Picinic Baasket.

I've been perusing the Land of Nod site this afternoon (bad idea), since there happens to be free shipping on all of their toys right now.  Either way, I ran across these picnic baskets while looking.  How cute are they??!!  I love that pink one most.  Oh, I'm so ready for summer.  And fresh, bright red tomatoes with mozzarella. :)
{Land of Nod Kids Picnic Baskets}

We like to play.

I absolutely cannot believe we're at the point where we can really play!!  Babies grow SO fast!  I bought this toy (Skwish by Manhattan Toy) for Eloise yesterday (we got ours at My Favorite Toys), thinking it might be a little bit before she could pick it up and play. Well, I put it on her lap in her carseat and next thing I knew she was grabbing it and pulling it to her face!  It's so fun!

Addition:  This might be obvious, but I took this photo later.  That's not her car seat.  :)  It's her Bumbo Seat.

Long or Short?

Can I get some opinions, please?  I'm thinking of cutting my hair short again.  It's been about three or four years since it's been truly short.  And I tend to like it long now.  I can put it in a ponytail, I can let it dry naturally if I get desperate (Don't judge me.  I promise it's temperamental.  I'd love to be someone who can just let their hair go without looking like a wackado.).  Either way, Eloise keeps pulling on it (which I actually find kind of endearing, but it hurts), it gets stuck when I lean my head on anything, and it takes forever to dry (I've got a lot of it).  I usually make my hair-drying/straightening time into tummy time on the bed for Eloise, but I found myself looking at her laying on the bed the other day, thinking, "seriously...I'd really rather be spending this 5 or 10 minutes with my child."  Some days I can let it air dry mostly, but when June rolls around, I'll have to dry it right away to get out of the door…

Happy Easter!!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16). How different my life would be without this fact! So thankful that He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!! Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Three-Month Birthday!

Dear Eloise,

Today (now yesterday), you -our little sweet pea- turned a whopping three months old!  It's amazing how much you've grown in the past month!  You weigh a little over 12 pounds now; I haven't measured your length lately.  You've grown so much in other ways,'ve been smiling SO much more than last month.  When you wake up, I undo your swaddle blanket and you let out a huuuuge stretch and an even bigger smile.  And you keep smiling that pretty little smile until you realize you're hungry.  :)  You've begun to completely sleep through the night, usually nine hours at a time!  I love putting you to bed at night, rocking you and singing you songs as you burrow your little head into my shoulder.  It's the sweetest.  You still haven't gotten the hang of sleeping during the day, but we're so, so thankful that you sleep at night.   

I'm almost positive that you've let out a giggle or two in the past few weeks.  In fact, I think…

Little sheep.

I've had a few people come into our home recently and ask where I got this little Easter sheep (the standing one).  I got him last year at Pier 1...well, lo and behold, he is back again this year...I saw him today.  So, get thyself to Pier 1 for your curly little sheep, on sale!


500. woot! woot!

That last post was my 500th since starting "Pink Holidaze."  This feels like a milestone (We'll celebrate with my favorite font.  And maybe some ice cream.).  Also, it's a chance to say thanks for reading.  I know I don't have many readers, but I'm so thankful for those of you who do.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
p.s.  Do you wonder where this blog got its lame, errrr...I mean awesome, name?  Here you go.
p.p.s.  Also a chance to apologize when I edit posts too many times and you end up reading 3 of the (kinda) same post in your feed.  Sorry.

Ikat bench.

Yet another ikat find.  An Ikat Bench (Printed Essex Bench) from West Elm.  Love how it's modern and slightly funky at the same time.  Which reminds me, I found a green ikat pillow for $5 at Pier 1 today.  FIVE dollars.  Holler.


We had family/newborn pics taken by super, super sweet and talented Joyce (dn.jy productions) last weekend at our house.  So excited to see the rest soon!


Another good TJ Maxx find.  Spectator flats in my size!  Shoe search over for now!

Baby Find #15.

The Infantino Swift Carrier.  After the post I wrote when I was looking up carriers back in March, I found this at Target!  It was only $15, which made me wonder how good the quality could be (something you don't want to skimp on when it comes to your baby's safety), but seemed worth a try before investing in a more expensive one.  Well, you totally don't get what you pay for in this case.  This carrier is great!  I won't be investing in a more expensive one...this works just fine.  Even Zach doesn't mind using it.  I use the Swift mostly for taking walks and doing housework.  For just hanging out and calming Eloise down, though, I still use a ring sling (a complete lifesaver).


Thanks to my husband (and birthday), I'll be sporting this dress Easter Sunday!  It makes me happy.  Also thanks to Zach, a surprise dinner with friends in St. Louis (at Modesto should go) on Friday evening.  We left Ellie (sadly, a screaming Ellie) with my mom and dad and headed to the Lou.  It was such a blast and such a sweet way to celebrate #27.  I felt really loved.  Even the car ride together was a treat.  And I ate so much food that I thought I might burst.  But I kept eating.  And I'd do it all over again.  Bacon-wrapped dates covered in honey, oh my. 
p.s.  At our family celebration, my niece gave me a card.  Amber told me she could hear her trying to spell out my name while she was writing it.  Result: Colin.  I'll cherish it forever.
p.p.s.  Tres Leches cake my mom got from a bakery in town.  I'd eat that all over again, too.
{Anthropologie Sunny Soiree Dress}

meri meri

I had an incredibly successful trip to TJ Maxx yesterday.  It was pretty exciting.  Among  other things, I found a meri meri Easter cupcake kit, similar to the one above.  I can't wait to use it this weekend.  They have the absolute sweetest toppers and liners for every occasion.

Chewbeads sale!

Just spotted this case you guys were wanting chewbeads...$15 for $30 on 8 moms!  I'm finally ordering some!

Baby Find #14.

I feel like when it comes down to it, these really aren't "finds" so much as they are favorites anymore.  Sorry about that.  Either way, too late now.  Favorite/Find #14:  Trumpette Socks.  Eloise wears these little metallic Mary Janes (the red look like ruby slippers :) she got from Megs all. the. time.  When she was first born, even though the actual socks were big, the elastic up top was one of the only ones that fit, so she's been wearing these for months.  They're really adorable, there's a color to go with every outfit, and they eliminate the need for shoes much of the time.  Which can be quite the feat to get on and keep on.

Pinhole Press.

I don't order photo products that often.  But the Pinhole Press ad on A Cup of Jo kept catching my eye.  So I finally clicked over today.  Oh, my word.  So many clean, awesome, beautiful products that I'd like to order as gifts and for us.  And I love the way they use color.

{8-Photo Accordion Brag Book}

When you order this, you order the print and frame together! {1-Photo Large Framed Collage}

{1-Photo Icon Series Listpad}

{60-Photo Icon Series Photo Book}

Tiny Prints Deal.

Just wanted to do a little post on some affiliate deals that Tiny Prints is offering right now for Mother's Day!  Until April 19th (next Tuesday), you can sign up for a free, one-year Greeting Card Membership trial (click here or above), which will get you three free cards and future discounts (view the selection of Mother's Day greeting cards here).  All their greeting cards (they have them for any occasion) can be personalized or left as is.  You also have the option of adding a gift card from places like Target or Starbucks.  If you don't feel like signing up or end up using all of your free cards, you can also use the code AFFMDAY (until April 19th) for $0.99 Mother's Day cards.  I just signed up for the membership and I plan on using this for our cards this year, especially since errands are getting a little harder to run with naptime right now...and because they're cute!  And also, from previous experience, I like the thickness of the paper they use.  Once I …


I think these are some of the sweetest newborn photos I've ever seen.

{via On to Baby}


I watched William for a few hours today.  It was fun.  WillB is obsessed with bubblegum ("bum")...which is exactly what he thought this was.  A whole lot of bubblegum. :)

Hunter Turks.

Have you guys seen these yet?  Found these on my search for new flats!  Seriously want some, especially since all my hunter boot attempts were a big, fat fail.  

{Hunter Turks}

Off to a good start!

We received our order from Cotton Babies yesterday and our diapers are already washed and being used.  All is well so far!  I'm going to write a more detailed post once we've had a few days or weeks under our belt!
p.s.  Look at how chubby her belly is getting!!

Book Shower.

How sweet is this book-themed baby shower from Martha Stewart Living?  Love it!  The best part is you can download the invite template and bookplates by Rifle Paper Co. for FREE!

Healthy Sleep Habits.

Also reading this, which came highly recommended by many people.  Learning a lot of good things so far.
{Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth}

The Help.

So excited to finally be reading/listening to The Help (thanks to Megs) after hearing so many wonderful things about it.  It's SO good...I'm only a third of the way through and I cannot wait to finish it!

Toddler bed.

I LOVE this classic "Tate" toddler bed from Restoration Hardware baby & child (via OhDeeDoh).  Doesn't it bring back images of some old time book or movie?

Baby find #13.

First Favorites from the Baby Gap.  They're incredibly soft, lightweight, and super stretchy.  If you happen to dress a baby who hates to be dressed each day, you'll realize why that's important soon enough.  They wash up really well, and I also love how slim cut they are for our long and lean little Eloise (did NOT get that from momma, that's for sure).  This little birdie print is one of my favorites (she's wearing it here).


Wouldn't this be perfect for a sweet spring evening?  I think so.
{J. Crew Maritime Dress}

Eloise playing.

Excuse the outstanding commentary...

We're going cloth!

(Image source)
After much deliberation...asking loads of questions (thanks, friends) and doing a trial run this week, we are switching over to cloth diapers!  I can't wait for our order to arrive so we can really get started.  We've gone back and forth about it (as you might know) quite a bit.  Before she was born, I was pretty sure about them, or at least that we'd switch back and forth.  But the past few months, the disposables have been so...well, easy.  And most have indicator lines (which is, let's be honest, really nice).  So a friend let us borrow a few and we have one of our own, all of which I've been using the past few days.  I've been pretty amazed by how easy it is.  And with an intense amount of school expenses coming up, it should help us out financially.  We won't be asking anyone who watches her to use them if they're not comfortable with it (or if they just don't care to) and we'll still use disposables when we travel, so those i…

Announce it.

Now that we've finally sent out our baby announcements, I thought I'd go ahead and post them up here (these are some not so great phone pics)!  I was going to do a series on fun announcements beforehand, but welp, I didn't get to it.  I'd been dreaming of letterpress since the beginning of pregnancy and ended up settling on this light pink dot and orange type from Page Stationery.  I lined the envelopes with a yellow polka dot paper from Hobby Lobby (you can buy templates for lining, but I made my own) and added a photo printed by dotphoto (one of the only places to print 3x5 photos).  And I was also able to put our address stamp to really good use.  It was pretty exciting to send these out...I wonder if Eloise will like paper as much as I do?  I sure hope so.  :)  
You can see some of my absolute favorite birth announcements here and here.


Can't believe Eloise is growing so fast...I feel like she looks so much older here.  I put the bunny next to her and she grabbed his ear and tossed him around a little bit. It's fun to see her interact with her toys now!  We had some really fun, smiley moments today and then quite a few crankster moments.  In process of figuring out how to get her napping well during the day...I think it's slowly improving.

More comparing.

Me as a baby vs. Zach as a baby vs. Eloise Anne.
p.s.  I like your dress, Mom.  :)


This photo is so beautiful that it just about makes me cry.
{By Elizabeth Messina via Snippet & Ink}

Weekend visit.

Such a wonderful, wonderful visit with Bethany and Heather this weekend.  So thankful they made the trip up here from Memphis to meet Eloise and spend some fun time together...and eat lots of good food.  :)  

Lunch at Longbranch.

Eloise meets her Aunt B! :)

Elle Belle and Heather.

Dessert at Global.  I think we at every last bite.

Finishing it off with some Harbaugh's.
Such a joy!
{Most of these pics stolen from Heather :)}