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Eloise update.

Things you say: * Too Too (choo choo - while motioning the train whistle pull * Seeng (swing) * Biih (bike) * Hiiiii * Heey * Uh-Oh * Oh, baby * Oh, no * Oh, man * Shu (Shoes) * Eiiies (eyes) * Siide (slide) * NO, no, no * Nana (banana) * Blues (blueberries) * Baby * Buuuh (book) * Mooo (cow sounds, as well as the name for both our dogs?) * Baah (sheep) * Raaarh (lion) * Elmo * Mama * Dada * Da * Ro (Rosie) * Mwwwah (while giving kisses) * Eeeeeeee - a very high-pitched shriek (get me out of here/I'm mad at you/I'm really excited)
Songs you sing: * The Itsy Bitsy Spider - you randomly break into this at least a few times a day * Five Little Monkeys - lots of finger shaking for "No more monkies jumping..." * Baby Beluga * Twinkle, twinkle little star
Things you do: * Walk, walk, walk (No running yet).  Cutest part - you always walk with your hands on your chest for security. * Laugh and try to make others laugh - like those one-liner laughs with lots of gusto. * Exclaim and throw your hands up in the ai…


What have we here, a new [first] Kemp family sport??
 On vacation, the house my parents rented had a badminton set (part of which we promptly broke about an hour upon arrival).  Zach discovered that unlike almost every other sport (exceptions: running and climbing), I actually showed some kind of interest in playing.  I believe I've discovered the reason: it requires little coordination and arm strength.  Two things which seem to be necessary in most sports.  I really think it's quite fun.  I can actually hit the birdie!  This is greatly different from my one-year tennis career when I volleyed for 26th place on the team (that's not a joke) and rarely made contact with the ball.  If you couldn't tell, they didn't have tryouts.
Anyways, we picked up a cheap set today and had fun playing this afternoon.  I can't wait to play more!  Not gonna lie, Eloise cramped my style a little bit by sitting in the middle of my side of the net, but that's alright.  :)  She had…

Oh, wow.

Just saw these on the RPS blog...little outfits for BlaBla dolls.  Eloise has little Mirabelle on the left, and her costume is so cute that it almost makes me giggle.


{LA Print by Sugar Paper - holy moly, pretty paper}

Important reading.

20 minutes spent "reading" in her chair this morning. Love.


Of late, a Mother's Day brunch.  So fun.

Heart my Cookie.


Bonjour, Morocco.  I miss you most days, but some more than others.  Today has been one of those others.  

{Image found here}

Tea Collection.

A little look at one of my newer sponsors...Tea Collection...seriously heart these casual-cool baby clothes (they sell kid's sizes, too!).  Here are my favorites...a sweet little Euro-style shirt and leggings, some mini Bensimons in an awesome color (sadly not small enough for Eloise), an adorable dress I spotted on Urban Grace earlier today, and some Saltwaters and super-cute jambes.  And I do believe they're having a little sale right now... (for instance, a certain dress and sandals below)...


I did it!  I made it!  I survived my first year of PA school.  I honestly never thought I'd be able to say that.  I didn't think I'd be able to stick it out.  Today I found out I passed my exams, and other than a few random classes next week, I'm done with Phase I (we're broken down into 3 phases total in 27 months).  I already feel so much lighter.  Like I can take a deep breath.  It feels like I blacked out for a year and just woke up.  This whole year I've doubted my ability to do this, to learn the material, to have the emotional wherewithal to finish.  And now it's done.  I'm so proud of myself and I can see God's hand in it all.  He's been showing me more and more that He never asked me to trust in my own abilities, but in His, and I think that's kind of the whole point.  So, this year there have been many, many tears, and I know there are still more to come - next year is no piece of cake - but, I've made it through the worst par…

A few of our favorite things...

The little one's current favorites:

The Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy - awesome cup with a weighted straw, so she can get every last drop of milk.  :)

This Fisher-Price Doll Carriage - oh, wow.  She loooves this thing.  Although it always holds her baby, it isn't as much a stroller to her as it is her cart for stealing things around the house.  A carrier for cell phones and lost remotes.
The Best of Elmo...Eloise loves anything "Melmo" right now, so we listen to this a lot. And I happen to think he's adorable, so I don't mind.

My parents just got her this Little Tikes Water Table.  She is IN love and could play for hours and hours.  

The BOB Revolution.  I got this stroller for my birthday and could not be happier with it.  Honestly, I think I've used it every single day since then.  As you know, I've loved our stroller (it's been great), but I've been wanting to start running again without taking away time from El.  I'm able to jog/walk with her today…


I'm more than a little obsessed with these sweet prints from Little Auggie, especially after seeing this cross-stitch bedding on Little Green notebook.  Modern and lovely at the same time.

Cloth Diaper Update.

It's been a long time since I last wrote about cloth diapering.  Just got finished bleaching ours (for the first time...1/4 cup in the hot wash - worked very well), so I thought I'd give a little update.
Since PA school started, we've gone off and on using cloth.  At first because it was a bit hard to keep up at times with school and washing, and sometimes just because we only used them during the day on certain days.  Even so, even a few times a week add up.  But, flash forward to this semester.  As I said earlier, Eloise started in daycare.  We spoke to the office about using cloth diapers and they told us it would be fine.  But I felt so bad about actually bringing them.  The teachers were already working so hard, would I be inconveniencing them too much?  Well, after another family started using cloth, we brought ours in.  And you know what?  It hasn't been a problem.  At all.  Like, zilch-o problemos.  We bring clean diapers in each morning and take them home each …

These days.

I've got to take a study break.  Seriously.  I haven't even gotten that far and I'm going psycho. But, on a happy note, I canNOT believe my first year of PA school is almost done.  If I pass all my exams (I sure hope I can after all this work) and make it through the next two weeks, I'm on to 14 months of clinicals starting in June (we only go to clinic four hours a week at this point).  The amount of material we've been given this year is mind-boggling.  Literally.  My head is spinning every day and I have dreams about diabetes and failing exams.  But in retrospect, the year has gone fast (okay, the days are really slow).  And soon, I will forget that school was ever this hard.  So, moving on to trusting God for making it through the next year.  
Did I ever tell you all about Eloise going to daycare?  Since January, she's been going to daycare each day and it was so hard at first (not because of the place, but leaving her somewhere new), but it's gotten t…

Big day.

Today, this tiny little squishy sweet baby began to walk.  I just can't believe it.