Saturday, October 29, 2011

Under the sea.

Eloise's first costume...a little mermaid.  I know I'm biased, but she looked so cute.  We took her to our church party last night, where she had fun playing in the little ball pit with the other kids.  Babies in costumes = hilariously adorable.

Mermaid outfit knitted/sewn by Cookie.  Inspiration via Pinterest.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Mom and Dad also picked up this awesome little toy while in San Francisco.  Its name is Sparky the rabbit (by Rich Frog).  It's a natural, chewable toy for babies.  And it's adorable.  Eloise loves it.  It's kind of like another version of Sophie (By the way, you can't go wrong with Sophie.  I've yet to see a baby, or any child, who doesn't like her.)

Owl Hat - Part II.

The owl hat on Eloise, thanks to Cookie and Da!  We love it and Cookie says she's pretty sure they're handmade to order.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Summing up some of the fun things we did over break, now that it is over (sad).  This week has not been too bad.  I am actually going to use this week to get ahead with school.  I have finished my work for the most part.  I am reviewing material now, planning to do another assignment tomorrow.  My binder is already organized. I am doing this - blogging. It feels odd.  I feel a little suspicious.  Anyways...

We went to the pumpkin patch with Leah and Elias (and moms, of course :)...

...obviously, they were enthralled with the pumpkin selection...
mulch everywhere, including mouths...

...we took a walk to the grocery store on a pretty car had problems last week...the perfect time for that to happen and a perfect excuse to get some rest at home...

...we attended E's first birthday party, which was stinking adorable and a lot of fun.  I believe Eloise is pulling on Ev's dress while chewing on her teether...

...Perfect timing of break and girlie visits = Saturday night fun with the girls...

...we got lots of quality time with Auntie Deepu...

...Eloise and Elias stole each other's toys...

...then we headed to Chicago...

...we went to the aquarium...

...Eloise loved watching the dolphins and the fish...

...she met her fun cousins and aunt...

...and we walked, and we walked, and enjoyed all that downtown Chi-town has to offer - that refreshing city air...

It was quite fun.

Side tables.

I'm in love with these Martini side tables from West Elm right now.  Aren't they awesome??  The white one could be clean and cute, the yellow, super funky.  Love the idea of two for a coffee table.

Friday, October 14, 2011

How sweet.

How sweet are these letterpress announcements (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)?  I love them and the colors (and the fact that a little baby is named Ralph :).  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To. Die. For.

Oh, Jackie-O-ness.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I know, I're like "Eloise, tell me who does your hair." :)

{Photos courtesy of Dan Reedy}

Monday, October 10, 2011


And to follow my last's a post I wrote over five years ago (on FB) while we were still in Morocco.  It's from September 22, 2006.  It's just craziness how time flies.  p.s.  I miss those taxi drivers and those 30 cent croissants.  I also miss my team.  So, read below:

I'm listening to James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and Coldplay and that always makes me nostalgic and dreamy. And then I feel like writing. So, here goes... I've been here for almost a month. Crazy. That means I live here for ten more months. Even crazier. And I'm enjoying it mucho. It's so different from being here a few weeks. Soooo different. And it's a learning experience for sure. I've been reading John 15:5 a lot recently, where Jesus says, "...apart from me you can do nothing." Nothing! And I think, "You've gotta be kidding me Lord. Obviously I've done a lot myself...aren't you proud of me?" But as I look back on all that's happened, you life...I realize how intricately he weaves. It's beautiful, really. The fact that each minute affects the next. And each year builds upon the last. And how much this God that loves us so desperately desires us to notice how beautifully he's put it all together. It makes me stand in complete awe. And trusting on the past, I can stand in awe of all that's to come.
This is called grass. It doesn't exist here.
I'm learning what it means to let go of my rights, too...the rights I think I have as an American versus what God promises. We sit in our apartment every night without much to do, without the ability to leave. And it makes me remember why I'm here. I was just able to speak to my parents on the phone for the first time today. That's hard. And the other day I was talking to Jordan and discussing the immense loss I feel without nature and grass and trees and crickets and animals and clean air. I sound like Pocahontas. But I'm serious. I love it here, yet I feel like I can't breathe at times. I can't see the colors of the wind. Like I'd pay a thousand dollars for a midnight swim in my pool and a walk around the field with the moon. And I'd pay a two thousand if someone would let me roll around in a patch of grass and crisp leaves. Honestly, it's painful. I try not to think about it. Lord help me. Just to know that there's more out there than all these buildings. And then, maybe this isn't about me, huh? Aw, snap. I love that line in the old hymn "Take my Life," where it says, "Take my heart, it is thine own. It shall be thy royal throne." Make it thine. My desires, my hopes, my wants...making them His. Man it's such an adventure...

I feel the incredible gain of hilarious stories here, though. Taxi rides, for example. All taxis are driven by old men. And I love old men. They laugh in jolly ways; they mumble great wisdom. Sometimes they smoke cigars. So, a good goal for each day is to make an old taxi driver laugh. And it's easier than one might think. Usually it requires me saying one word in Arabic. I.e. Me: "Shokran" (thanks). Old man: "ahhaaahahaha...shokran! hahhaahha" And that's it. Job well done. The laughter can be increased by butchering more Arabic words if I so choose. It's amazing, really. Yesterday I kept asking the man what each letter on a sign sounded like. He taught me. I repeated. And by the end he was quizzing me on words. You can get a lot for your taxi money if you make an effort. Sometimes it's a little rougher. A few days ago, the three of us girls were riding along and the song "Amazed" by Lonestar came on. It was beautiful...English is so sweet to my ears here. So, Bethany and I began singing. Old taxi man, he loves this. He turns it up, starts laughing a deep belly laugh and we sing louder. And he says, "Dance! Dance!" That's only somewhat creepy. It was hilarious. One of my top moments here, I'd say. Oh, the joys... And I love certain little things here. That I can get a chocolate croissant for 30 cents, that I could never be lost because my neighbors keep track of me, that my vegetable man greets me with a smile each day, that I'm a ten minute ride from feeling sand on my feet, that I'm fed the best food in the world here, that my team is amazing, that mel and al let me sleep on their couch and watch 24, that the people are so kind... Really, this is only the beginning, but I should stop and sleep for my run tomorrow. I love you all and miss you. :)
For my housemates. So that we can all laugh together, even though we're not together. And for Liz, cause I miss you. And I miss your football and your terrible towel and wings. And maybe even colossal chicken. Maybe.


{Typographic Verses via Pinterest}

I'm not always a huge fan of bible verse prints.  The actual prints.  I'm a fan of the verses. :)  This one, though, is awesome.  I love the fonts.  I want it on our wall.  And I think it's a good verse to be reminded of right now.

I am on a break from school, so here I write.  {I started writing this post last Wednsday.  Now it is Monday.  eeks. }  I really have been taking the past four months one. day. at a time.  Learning that tomorrow really will "care for itself."  God is teaching me that.  When I fail to take on that perspective, I end up looking ahead at all the things to be done, ending up overwhelmed and discouraged.  Then it just goes downhill.  I wish I could say life with school has become oh, so easy.  It hasn't.  It has gotten increasingly easier, though.  Most definitely.  And I'm okay with that.  It simply is the way it is.  PA school is hard and time-consuming.  I've never heard anything different from anyone who's been through it.  And it is a wee bit lonely, studying so much.  I miss seeing and talking to lots of friends.  I would like to spend the evenings free of responsibility, hanging out with Eloise and Zach.  I miss attending many of our church things.  But again, it is simply life right now.  And it is very temporary.  I am required to trust that God will continue to be faithful, that He will continue to increase my time and energy.  He already has.  I just finished my second set of exams.  I found out I passed!  I studied, and I studied, then I studied some more.  I prayed a lot.  And I still felt like I wasn't going to pass.  But it happened.  And I am now 40% through my first year.  Which is just absolutely and utterly crazy.  

Last break did amount to much of a real break.  This time is a true time off, which allows me to regroup and reflect a little bit.  

And in reflection, I find myself looking back to this time four years ago.  In an attempt to be obedient to God, I had just moved back home and started taking classes.  My prerequisites for PA school.  I felt God was asking me to pursue medicine.  I hadn't taken science classes in awhile, and I knew it was only going to be by His grace that I got through my first semester.  To be honest, looking back, I don't think I believed He would follow through.  I thought I would do terribly and have to come up with another plan.  I loved the idea of the profession, but didn't think I could make it.  But the classes were good.  And not only did I get through them, I enjoyed the material.  Amazingly, I enjoyed the studying, too.  Something I didn't do enough of my first time in college.  Maybe, just maybe this was going to work out.  

I was also discouraged that I wouldn't meet anyone.  Where on earth would I meet a man?  Would I be lonely?  Would I have friends?  It just so happened that my bestest lovelies from high school happened to all be in town at the same time.  Luckiest.  And my family, who I'd missed terribly the last year.  Then, a wonderful church home with wonderful people came into play.  Plus, I met this guy in the fall.  His name was Zach.  And I thought he was pretty cool.  Later that winter, he became my boyfriend.  And a year and a half later, my husband.  

Then I got through my prerequisites.  I applied to PA school.  I was convinced I would not get in.  And not only was I convinced I would not get in the first year, but I was sure they would never let me in at all.  But then, an interview and an acceptance.  I still remember hearing the message on my parent's machine.  And a jumping for joy.  I was really going to do this.  I was really going to get to do what I'd set out to do.  

And, yes, a little detour along the way {she is named Eloise}.  But really, truly I am now in the middle of doing what I felt God asked me to do almost five years ago.  The final step in this long process.  If I can take a step back from the stress, a step back from all the busyness and the daily grind, I can see that great faithfulness very clearly.  This may be hard.  I may complain and I may cry (a lot).  p.s.  I'm trying to improve that.  If I can remember those things, I will feel my passion being restored.  And alongside, the excitement of following His incredible and great adventure.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Some current deals you all might be interested...and look, the Nod Chair deal right after I wrote about them!  Yay!

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