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Pretty peonies.

There were PEONIES at the Farmer's Market this Saturday.  Happy, happy, happy.  And now, peonies in our house for days!  There were only a few bunches left and I'm not one to bust my way into a line, but I channeled my inner Moroccan (may the woman with the strongest elbows win!) and refused to let anyone in front of me.  :)

E's thoughts on ice cream.

Enough said.
We have two frozen yogurt places now.  Finally.  One has "California Tart."  Which is awesome, because that's my favorite right now.  With M&Ms.  Eloise could care less, just as long as there's enough for both of us.  :)

I like to eat cake.

Birthday cake - it was too pretty to eat {but we ate it anyways}.  Made by Alanna, who is not the type of person to just bake you a cake.  I know she made this cake.  Like, from scratch and the freshest ingredients and yumminess and lots of love type of cake.  Although so delicious, the lots of love means the most.  It was pink ombre on the outside with the prettiest design, with sugar pearls and a pink ombre middle (read: each layer stacked in a separate color).  And last but not least, I knew straight when it touched my mouth that by golly, this cake had almond extract in it.  Perfection.  I wish I could have saved it.

Elles for real.

My Elles on display (Chalcedony), thanks to birthday love from my parents.  I heart them and wear them constantly already.  And ++ switching off with these means my Danielles will last longer. Bam!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends! I hope you had a wonderful day!
He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Cake Topper.

Such an adorable cake topper.  By Lisa Leonard Designs.

I heart.

CUTEST iPad Cases!!!  Love them. By Pencil Shavings Studio.


Favorite rendition of Easter eggs yet.  Via here.

She talks.

She does.  She talks now.  And she's been talking for awhile.  I've failed to write a 12 month, a 13 month, a 14 month update...I will soon.  I so want to.  So instead I will write this quickly, so I can keep track of these fun things she does. p.s.  She does not walk yet.  Only practices.  I think it's coming in the next few weeks. But she plays.  All.  The.  Time.  LOVEs to play.  LOVEs to read.  Books are thrown everywhere around our house on most days. LOVEs to smile (and now at strangers).  And her amazing teeth stick out and she wrinkles her nose.  It's pretty much amazing.  I have yet to capture her in all her glory via photo. 
So, her words of late (disclaimer - not words she knows with perfect pronunciation and usage): Hi, Hello, Shoes, Woof, Moo, Quack, Baa, Puppy, Again, More, Bye, Mama, Daddy, Wow, and the absolute favorite "NANA!"  Which means banana.  The fruit she is sincerely obsessed with, to the point of breakdowns in the grocery store when we …