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In action.

Said Manhattan Toy "Woodle" in action...

Easter time.

Are you all excited for Easter?  Because I sure am.

Magnetic letters.

A fun alternative to the standard plastic fridge letters...

{Mudpuppy Playful Patterns Wooden Magnetic Letters}

Jessica Hische Planner.

Love this great planner with lettering and illustrations by Jessica Hische.

{Today is the Day Pocket Planner}

Baby Find #12.

Another toy from Manhattan Toy.  I love our car seat and its smooth handle, but every time I turn a corner in the car, stroller toys have been completely falling to the side.  Meaning Eloise can't really look at them, which slightly defeats the point of having them.  Until now.  I stopped in My Favorite Toys tonight and found this.  A toy which stayed on the handle the whole way home because of the little twisty doodad...and kept Eloise's attention.  It's pretty adorable, too, which I can't say for many stroller toys.
{Manhattan Toy Woodle}


Absolute genius!  Keep baby moving and asleep in the car seat (any car seat) when you get home...we need one of these!
{Rock On Hands Free Rocker}

Photo wall.

I really love this frame wall from Young House Love.  We don't really have an area to do this right now, but the day we do, I'll be prepared!

Poor girl.

Today Eloise had her first round of shots.  It was so hard for us to watch.  I think I shed a little tear myself.  She's been asleep most of the day...completely tuckered out.

This was the before photo.  She was happy as a little clam.  Our regular check-up did go well, though.  She weighs 11 lbs, 4 oz and has grown 3 inches since birth.


Also, do you think my hair would behave if I gave it this barrette?

{Kate Spade Straight Barrette}


If I owned this dress, I think I would contemplate wearing it every day.

{Kate Spade Candy Shop Jeanette Dress}

Baby Find #11.

Honest time:  she doesn't play with these yet.  But they are cute.  That's why they're here.  And I'm sure she will love them when she does play with them.  They make a good gift, too.
{Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads (if you're local, find them at My Favorite Toys)} 
...more baby finds and baby posts...


Blaaaaaah!  I want this cake.  I want to eat it.  More than that, I want it in my house.  For pretty's sake.

{via 100 Layer Cake}

Name blocks.

Cool.  Blocks to buy individually if you want to spell out a name or word.  And let's be honest, it never hurts for blocks to have a little style.
{Lindenwood Create-a-name blocks via OhDeeDoh}


Slightly obsessed with these.
{via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

We're off.

Elle Belle and I are off to the Women's Retreat for our church in St. Louis tomorrow.  And our first trip to visit Megs.  Let's do this.

Baby hat.

Is this not a sweet baby hat (and a sweet photo)?
{Tiny Sprouts hand knit flower hat}


Aleza knit this adorable little monster for Eloise (and a matching one for baby buddy Jonah).  Right now her monster keeps her company every time she gets a diaper change.  So cute! :)


Eloise has many aunties.  Sweet, sweet ladies spread all across the country.  I can't wait for her to meet them all.  Last week, Aunt Aleza and Auntie Deepu came in from Austin.  We were all able to celebrate Kathleen's future nuptials and Dani's upcoming birthday and just hang out in general.   It was incredible to see them with Ellie, holding her and taking care of her.  I know she enjoyed all the cuddles and love.  As for me, it was so helpful and so much fun.  Miss you girls!

Mint Sugar Fruit Salad.

I made this fruit salad again the other day, completely solidifying the fact that it is one of my summer favorites.  I know it's only spring, but it felt like summer the past few days (not anymore, sadly).  So simple and yummy, and you can use any kind of fruit your little heart desires.  Literally, you cut the fruit, pulse the mint and sugar, and mix together.  Voila.  Happy heart.
{Summer Fruit Salad with Mint Sugar from Epicurious}
Thoroughly enjoyed OhDeeDoh's little ditty on the importance of your overhead lighting.  Love this example.


This image from OhDeeDoh cracks. me. up.

Happy Two-Month Birthday (two days ago).

Dear Eloise, 

Two days ago you turned two months old!  I just can't believe it..the past few months have flown by!  It seems like we were just waiting and waiting for you to arrive.  At this point you weigh a little over eleven pounds...that means you've gained almost four pounds since birth!  You wear 0-3 month clothing (you can squeeeeeze into newborn, barely) and you're quite long.  Maybe you have a chance of being a little taller than your mama.  :)  When you were first born, I didn't know if I could enjoy anything more than I did at that moment, staring at you and cuddling you.  But, as each day passes, I enjoy your company even more.  In the past few weeks you've started smiling in response to us.  It started out every once in a while, but now you smile every day, mostly in the mornings after you wake up.  You love sticking out your tongue at people, especially if someone does it to you first!  You have a ton of faces and you often look suspicious of something…


Doesn't this dress look so sweet and springish?  And I love the great silhouette!
{Betsey Johnson Terrace Party Dress}


So incredible and such an original idea!  It's a book mobile!

{Delight Bookmobile by the shophouse via Making It Lovely}

Ikat Calling Cards? Awesome.

To humor my current ikat obsession even more...Ikat calling cards by MadeByGirl!

{Two-colored Ikat Cards and Solid/Round Ikat Cards}

Ikat towel.

Thanks to Cooks, I now have a little ikat in my kitchen...

{Pink Ikat Dishtowel from Crate and Barrel}

Knit Bunnies.

I don't know why I love things like this so much.  But I do.  They're adorable.  They make me wish I knit, but I have no patience for it.  If you do happen to knit, head on over to the Purl Bee so you can make some!


And while I'm on a fabric kick today, I've got to mention one of my new favorites.  My mom got me a set of washcloths, a burp cloth, etc. off etsy made with this great spotted owl design (by Alexander Henry) before Eloise arrived.  I find myself washing them right away just so I can use them again!


Thinking of poufs makes me all nostalgic.  And the weather here today is also very Moroccan.  Perhaps a day we would have sat outside at a nice cafe or visited McDonald's on the beach (it's more luxurious than it sounds :).  It'd be a great day to be in Fez, one of the most amazing places on earth.  Here are some pics of the Fez medina.  And some men making leather goods at the tanneries...perhaps a pouf or two! :)
{All photos taken by my mom in April 2007}

Pink Pouf.

I'm in serious want of a pink leather Moroccan pouf (and maybe this room, too) right now.  Funny thing is, the whole year I lived in Morocco, I don't think I actually ever saw a pink leather one.  Maybe I overlooked them in Fez, or maybe they only make them for foreigners.  Either way, I'm in love.  My only pouf purchase was a yellow and blue stripe fabric, which I believe cost me seven dollars (oh, the joys of bargaining).  These pink poufs, they aren't so cheap.
{Image found here}

Fabric galore.

Drooooling over all the fabric choices on Purl Soho.  So pretty.  Here's just the start of my favorites...

{Yuwa Honeycomb in Pink 101}

{Free Spirit Kumari Garden in Blue Tarika}

{Rowan Soul Blossoms in Cerise Pink Passion Lily}

{Alexander Henry Griffith Park in Yellow Rolling Hills}


I meant to write about Pomme back in December, right around the time we ate there, but I didn't.  So, quickly now, if you live near St. Louis or happen to visit, Pomme is phenomenal. Some of my favorite, maybe my absolute favorite meals of all time have been there.  The most basic food they offer is incredibly well'll want to soak in each and every buttery bite.  And I love it for reasons other than the food.  The atmosphere is soothing and cozy, the staff is incredibly kind, and well, we were engaged to be married there.  Right there in that left-hand corner window in December of 2008.  And we've gone back each year since.  Even when I was hugely pregnant (I still made room for EVERY single course. :).  Highly recommend.

Birds of a feather.

How cute are these?
{Spring Love Birds by Vintage Green Limited via Onto Baby}


Because it's really funny.  I'm sorry, Eloise.

Ikat tiles.

I'm seriously obsessed with these Ikat FLOR tiles right now...I think I'm about to go through an Ikat phase.  I've got pictures of pink Ikat throw pillows dancing in my head.

Pretty pink.

Found: some ranunculus at Trader Joe's yesterday.  So pretty.  And pink. And they always remind me of a sweet friend's wedding.
p.s.  TJ was crazy yesterday.  So here's a little quiz: Trader Joe's on a Sunday is to _______ on a Saturday.  Give me your best guess.

Post-partum dressing.

Dressing after baby.  I've got to admit, this has been more difficult than I anticipated.  Let's just say I find the Muffin Top Song stuck in my head all. the. time.  Not only are you dressing a new body (weight shifts, weight gain), but if you're nursing, it throws in a whole new challenge.  So, I'll leave it at that and just share a few of my new favorite tops, which I pair with skinny jeans (I followed Bethie's advice and bought some pants that fit my body now.).

Classic Peasant Henley from Anthropologie.  Non-clingy and lightweight, slightly longer.

Roll Sleeve Chambray Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft. Non-clingy and button-down, slightly longer.

Rosebud Print Ruffle Shell by Ann Taylor Loft. Non-clingy and slightly longer (you get the point).

Crinkle Stripe Jacket by Ann Taylor Loft. To top it all off.