Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long weekend.

Loving this look from My Style Pill with the gold against the orange.
I think I'm getting more into gold.

Life: Oh, I took the most amazing nap this evening.  Eloise did, too.  Intense lack of sleep on my end.  I plan on sleeping in tomorrow as much as baby allows.  It will be GLORious.  And the four-day weekend means time thinking about something other than blood counts and liver cells.  :)  And getting excited for a sweet friend's wedding (which means catching up with lots of besties...and meeting baby T) in Cincy!!  It will be nice.  And I cannot wait to spend all day tomorrow with my sweet little girl AND go on a real date with my husband.  

p.s.  Have you guys seen Million Dollar Decorators yet?  I'm watching my first episode and I think I'm a little obsessed.


More cute iPhone cases?  Yes. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just a little fyi...Miss Erin (remember this?) is selling some super cute vintage stuff on her new etsy site.  You should check it out.  :)  This is one of my favorites.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Today I had my midterms.  So I took a little break this evening.  My mind it stuffed full.  I still have lots of work to do for the rest of the week (and tomorrow).  I need to get back to it.  But, hi friends.  Oh, the past few weeks have felt hard.  Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.  They've been rough.  It's just a lot.  I'm exhausted.  But I know things will get better.  I'll adjust.  And it's simply the nature of what a signed up for...there's a lot of information and a short amount of time.  Naturally it will take a little bit.  Soon I will begin to get more sleep, I know.  So, tonight I spent some guilt-less time with this little babe.  Lots of smiles and lots of fun.  She's getting so big!  And she's such a sweetie.

Okay, back to it!

Baby iphone case.

Have you guys seen this yet?  Fischer Price is coming out with an iPhone case for babies.  Pretty funny.  I want to see this in person.


For some reason I'm a little obsessed with this backpack.  Maybe it's the fact that I actually have a need for one now (my books are SO stinking heavy).  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Roma.

Zach brought me back this gift from Roma (he just got back from a work trip on Sunday).  It is a miniature moto.  It makes me really happy.  There's just something about it.

Now, off to bed.  I am actually going to get sleep tonight.  I'm pretty excited.

Also, after midterms are done next Monday, I plan to...well, sleep...but then I plan to write Eloise's little five-month update.  Sweet pea deserves a little documentation.  :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy first Father's Day to Zach!  You're a wonderful father to our little girl.  And an amazing husband.  Also, you never avoid changing diapers.  I'm so thankful.  We love you and we're SO happy to have you home.  :)

And a very happy father's day to my sweet daddy-o.  It's quite nice to be close enough to spend the day with you (even if it means you have to help me study :).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crochet Crown.

Taking a little break and putting up a little post.  

You guys, my brain hurts.  I mean it.  It might explode.  Maybe I'm being a little dramatic.  But if you happen to see me in the next few weeks and I seem like I'm on another planet, I apologize.  Full brain syndrome?

And, segway. crown...cute for Eloise's first birthday (a long way away :)?  Is this not the sweetest?

{via Pinterest}

How are you guys doing?  Can you tell me so I feel connected?  I'd love to hear.  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hands and Feet.

This girl has found her hands and feet.  They are her new best friends.


I bought them.  I might have added them to one of my school book orders when I was stressed this week.  A moment of weakness.  Pathophys and Bensimon sneaks.  Only on Amazon.  

Wow, this week felt like one really, really long month.  I worked my butt off.  I cried a lot (Really cried.  I mean really.).  I learned a lot.  I didn't sleep much.  It's all new territory.  And it was really hard, but here I'm at the end of the week and I'm relieved to say that I made it.  I survived. :) And despite the fact that I'm still getting used to all the changes and missing Eloise like crazy when I'm gone, the past few days felt far better than the first part of the week.  Have you ever heard of grace?  Sometimes I have a little trouble extending it to myself, even though God offers it so freely.  And this week was a lesson in that.  I have a feeling this whole year will be.  Thankful I made it to the weekend.  Only a little over two years to go.  :) 

Hey, and if we're friends (or family), here's a chance to say a little 'hi'...I miss you and love you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Missing you.

I'm up.  Up working on school things.  

I've missed this baby so much these past few days.  I miss her when she sleeps, so it comes as no surprise.

But this morning she gave me sweet, sweet smiles.  And rolled over this evening.

We will take this all day by day for now.  We will.  It will be okay.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

To the books.

This is where my head will be starting tomorrow.

The start of my twenty-six-month long adventure called PA school (Physician Assistant) begins.  It's been so hard to get used to the idea of leaving Eloise each day...I'm still working through it.  She'll be in good hands, I's just a hard thing.  I'm still not sure what this means for this blog.  It may have to go completely to the side or maybe it will be an outlet for me...only time will tell.  Any prayers appreciated tomorrow if you read this!


Love these glittered clothespins!


Yesterday we took a little family trip to the zoo.  It was Eloise's first time and we had a lot of fun, despite the intense heat (we didn't stay too long!).  I normally like the penguin exhibit, but this time I loved it even more because it felt so nice and cool.  :)  Eloise looked at the animals, but that's about as far as it went.  Many more zoo trips to come!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm not much for sneakers (for myself).  I don't find them comfy.  I don't look good in them.  And when it comes down to it, they don't really match a lot of my clothes.  My Converse are about as sporty as I get (rare) if I'm not working out (even more rare).  I typically resort to flats or sandals in the summer, but sometimes, you just need a little something in-between.  After seeing these sneakers on A Cup of Jo today, I believe I have an answer.  Bensimon shoes, you have won my heart.  You are the perfect sneaker.  I'm just sure of it.


I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, 
   my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:2

Oh, that this would be true of me.  My desperate prayer right now.  Lord, teach me to trust in you more than ever these next few months.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update!

Now that we've been using cloth diapers consistently for a couple of months, I'm here to write a detailed update!  Overall, our experience has been really positive.  When we were traveling recently, we used disposables and I really missed the cloth.  I actually prefer them now.  It kind of surprises me.  I needed to ask a whole lot of questions and read a lot of information before making the switch (as well as testing them out), so hopefully this post can help someone else make the best decision for them, too!  I didn't feel like we had to make the decision right away because I'd heard from many people that they typically keep their newborn in disposables until they're eight pounds or more (or until their legs are chubby enough so they don't leak).  They do sell newborn cloth diapers, but I don't see us using those next time either.  We are still using disposables at night...currently working on different way to diaper her in cloth at night (she ends up leaking through).

So, here were our actual purchases (more explanation below):
13 - BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers with snaps (We used a buy 5, get 1 free deal
1 - BumGenius Elemental All-in-One
4 - GroVia All-in-One (we used a 4 for 3 deal that isn't on anymore)
2 - Itzy Ritzy Medium Wet Bags (Central Park West and Little Miss Zig Zag) 
1 - GroVia Magic Stick Diaper Cream 
2 - Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers (attempt at nighttime diapering)
1 - Happy Heiny's One for All Pocket Diaper with snaps (this was free with our fuzzibunz)
1 - Cheap Swing Top Trash Can, used as a diaper pail

Overall, I'd have to say the BumGenius 4.0's are my favorite for quite a few reasons.  I love the fit.  The super high quality.  The ease of size adjustment (shells and inserts).  And the great colors. I really like pocket diapers and would buy them again, but I would definitely recommend having just a few all-in-ones in case you forget to throw them in the wash soon enough and need diapers really quickly (you would throw all-in-ones in the dryer with your pocket inserts), or if you run out of time to stuff them (the 4.0 shells need to line dry).  As for the all-in-ones, I really like the GroVia brand (really cute prints and a little lower price tag swayed me), but they do take more time to put on than the BumGenius because of the way the diaper is set up.  They tend to dry a little quicker than the Elementals, but I end up drying our one Elemental and the GroVia's at the same time, so it doesn't make a difference for us.  I do like the Fuzzi Bunz (ordered them to get a little more color variety), but I probably would just get more 4.0's if I had to do it again.  I have had just a few more leakage problems with them and they take more time to adjust.  As for the Happy Heiny's, I've had  leakage problems so far and probably wouldn't purchase any (ours was free). 

As for washing, I'm SO glad we got the Planet Wise diaper pail liners (you'll want for the pail, one for the diapers in the wash).  I shake out the inserts in our diaper pail (p.s.  I wouldn't buy a swing top trash can again, just one with a lift up top) right after changing, which means that I simply dump the diaper inserts and shells, along with the pail liner into the washing machine.  The bags don't leak or anything gross like that.  I don't have to touch the diapers until they are clean, clean, clean.  We use Allens liquid detergent, a cloth diaper safe detergent, making sure to use the exact recommended amount to avoid any problems with build-up (which can cause absorbency problems down the line) or rashes.  I actually searched high and low in our area to find the right detergent and couldn't, only to find out yesterday that our local Kroger had one the whole time!!

As for the extra tidbits of info, you'll definitely want wet bags when you're out and about!  They hold more than just cloth diapers, too.  Next time I would have bought the large bags rather than the medium size for more space.  I still love how sturdy and cute the Itzy Ritzy bags are.  Also, you can't use regular diaper rash creams on cloth without a fleece liner (which I found to be an extra hassle), so we've been using this cloth-safe GroVia Magic Stick, which works really well on minor rashes (and the stick means no messy hands).  If you happen to be choosing between pockets or all-in-ones, you definitely need room to dry the shells if you use pockets, so you'll want to consider space.  We have a total of 22 diapers, which will work well when I'm in school and need a little more time in-between, but you can get by with much less if you wash more often (read this!)  And, I end up referring to the Cotton Babies blog (or their on-line help) when I have any problems or questions.

After buying all these items, we'll have made up the cost and start saving money when Eloise is a little less than a year old, which is great considering the typical potty training age is way after that!  And considering the fact that we'll be able to use them for our next child!  I'm amazed at how smooth the switch has been and how much I love using them.  And if the day gets to be too much or I forget to wash, we still have some disposables on hand to do the job.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing.  

Okay, and I know I've said this over and over again, but they are SO cute! :)

Have any questions??...Ask away!!


I bought these sandals for Eloise recently.  And almost every woman who sees her in them lets out a little gasp of delight.  It never gets old.  There is nothing like baby in miniature sandals.  Really.

Weird post, I know.

I realize this is random, but it's worth telling you all about.  I currently have the fourth...yes, FOURTH cold since having Eloise (who is only 4.5 months old).  It will be a shorter one, I believe.  It seems like it's winding down now.  And it needs to.  Because I don't want to spend any more of my last week at home with Eloise doing anything other playing with her and hanging out with my family.  Or catching up with friends while she's napping (also thwarted by stuffy nose).  Either way, I've used a netipot before to get rid of congestion, but today my mom brought this "sinus rinse" (by NeilMed) over.  It is incredible.  Today, I could breathe through my nose, which takes away a lot of the unpleasantness of a cold.  I highly recommend.  And I'm sorry if this grosses you out.
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