Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird post, I know.

I realize this is random, but it's worth telling you all about.  I currently have the fourth...yes, FOURTH cold since having Eloise (who is only 4.5 months old).  It will be a shorter one, I believe.  It seems like it's winding down now.  And it needs to.  Because I don't want to spend any more of my last week at home with Eloise doing anything other playing with her and hanging out with my family.  Or catching up with friends while she's napping (also thwarted by stuffy nose).  Either way, I've used a netipot before to get rid of congestion, but today my mom brought this "sinus rinse" (by NeilMed) over.  It is incredible.  Today, I could breathe through my nose, which takes away a lot of the unpleasantness of a cold.  I highly recommend.  And I'm sorry if this grosses you out.


  1. Still don't think it's allergies?

  2. I've been using the NetiPot by NeilMed. It works a little but I'm still waiting for it to erase my symptoms. I might have to try the sinus rinse if the pot fails to work.


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