Friday, February 24, 2012

Love this!  Via Pinterest. can follow me on Pinterest here.  I update it much more often than my blog because it's a quick and fun study break.  If you guys haven't definitely should.  :)


Opinions on these phone cases?  Mine has finally kicked it (after dropping it about 50 times).  These are all from Society 6.  That last one, it's just for fun.  :)

I should be studying.  I've completed one of eight tests so far.  Apparently 1/8 makes me feel done.  Oh, I am so tired of school at the moment...

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I put up this photo wall after we got married so we could add and add to it as time went on and our family expanded.  It's fun every once in a while to add more.  Or switch out a few. I can't wait until we have a larger house with a bigger dream is to have a one of those huge gallery that encompasses everyone we love in one spot...immediate and extended families, our sweet friends, family mementos, etc.


Here's a Valentine Eloise made for us at daycare. It's pretty precious and apparently she really enjoyed making it (and other crafts!). Melts my heart.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

E's 1st Birthday - Part II

And part two...more of the photos taken by Joyce (seriously, she took each set of in about 5 minutes literally while the party was going on.  Joyce, you rock. :).  I can't believe how much she's changed since the last time!  I love all the faces Eloise kept making.  And the fact that she was really excited by everything...she seriously loved that balloon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

E's 1st Birthday - Part I

Here are some more photos of Eloise's first birthday party!  We had so much fun celebrating and it was exciting to see her enjoy the festivities!  I still can't believe over a year has already passed since she was born.  For the party, I decided not to go with a theme, but basically to stick to "pink and shimmer" so I could have room to improvise if needed.  My mom did almost all of the food and drinks, making it pretty low stress and fun, especially on the day of.  :)  Thanks to Joyce for capturing the day!  All sources used are at the end of the post!


Invitations: Block Children's Party from Minted in Raspberry and white
Ice Cream Tutu Dress:  Mudpie from Brea's Boutique
Baby Crown:  Made by my aunt (inspiration here, pattern here)
Cupcake Bib: Rosalina
Ruffle Cake Directions: Martha Stewart
Tinsel Cupcake Toppers: Martha Stewart (using smaller skewers)
Giant Balloons: Shop Sweet Lulu
Pink Biodegradable Ice Cream Spoons: Shop Sweet Lulu
Orange Skinny Birthday Candles: Shop Sweet Lulu
Pink Tissue Pouf: Shop Sweet Lulu
Fuchsia Tissue Fringe: Shop Sweet Lulu
Tissue Tassel Garland: PomFlair
Gray Chevron Favor Bags: Shop Sweet Lulu
Mini Cupcake Stand: Amazon (more colors here)
Striped Straws: Hey YoYo on Etsy
Normal Sized Balloons, Tissue Fans, Forks, and Plates: Party City
Napkins: Party City
Pink Pearlized Sixlets: Hobby Lobby (Amazon, too)
Free water bottle wrap printables: Bump Smitten
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