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Books of Desire.

A few books of desire...two for looking and one for cooking. This one caught my eye on a "A Cup of Joe" because it's edited by said favorite food writer, Amanda Hesser. Organic and Chic looks like pure gorgeousness. A cheaper version of the Charley Harper book!


An amazing photo via A Cup of Joe via The Sartorialist.

The finished product.

My mom and I had a terrarium and Emma watching night while Zach was in Chicago last week. Here is the end result! yay. :)

Reform School.

This looks like possibly one of the coolest shops ever. It's in LA...fortunately, we happen to be traveling there in a little over a month! Wahoo! :) Most definitely stopping by. Here are some highlights off their website (which is very well-stocked!).

Coolest Necklaces EVER. :)

These necklaces from Maneki are so beautiful (they remind me of my sister-in-law's wonderful jewelry). I'm thinking the birdcage is my favorite at this moment...funky and pretty at the same time. So much more goodness on their website.

p.s. Aleza, this is the same company you showed me at the local artists shop in Austin!

If I can ever come up with a good reason...

I will purchase a mustache on a stick. Until then...


This is cute.

St. Pats.

My family is at this moment (only after consuming reubens, potatoes, and mint ice cream) watching "Darby O'Gill and the Little People." Slightly hilarious.

She and Him. He and she.

She and Him's new album is coming out on March 23rd - SO soon! You can listen to it already on NPR. I'll be doing that sometime soon...

Great Combinations.

I can't get over how pretty this wedding from StyleMePretty is...the colors are so gorgeous together. The bride is a textile designer, so it only makes sense. Oh, and I'm on a mission to find those turquoise drop earrings.


I'm considering bangs again. Like, full out bangs. I might even go to the salon rather than cut them myself (ALWAYS dangerous!). :) Here's some inspiration. What do you all think? (A question posed to my two readers...hehe).

{Photo 1: Christine from "My Style Pill"; Photo 2: Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada"; Photo 3: Zooey Deschanel; Photo 4: The Kate Spade model}

The skinny of it.

I used to think skinny jeans were simply for, well, skinny girls. News flash: skinny jeans come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. They're for everyone...Hallelujah! Not always easy to find, but definitely present. Over the past few years, I've found a few pairs that feel just right. So right that I wear them out more quickly than I would like, leading me into today's on-line search for the new perfect skinny come birthday time. My most favorite pair of J Brands are wonderful (they're ankle length, which happens to be normal on me), but they happened to be lucky find at Anthro for $45.00, unlikely to happen again. So, I must find a new and reasonably priced set of legs. Here are the options I found while hanging out at home, under the weather, attempting not to swallow as I nurse my wonderfully swollen throat...ugh.

The "Always Skinny" from the Gap, which comes in different lengths: Kut from the Kloth Ankle Jeans at Nordstrom: And the favorite JBrand J…


Sometimes I still get a little homesick for these places. Today would be one of those days.
{Top to bottom: The Grand Mosque in Casablanca, J'ma El Fna in Marrakesh, Fez}

Can't Wait...

for these bad boys to arrive in the mail! I'm so excited to have rain boots just in time for spring, thanks to my mom. :)

Font Frenzy.

Newly obsessed. This lady (Jessica Hische) is amazing!! I first saw a her tattoo on A Cup of Joe (pretty cool...see below!) and researched a little more. So fun...Jessica is a really great typographer and designer. And I love that embroidered Marrakesh cover...and not just because it says Marrakesh. :) Have a look!