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Elle Earrings.

Is it sad that I am SUPER excited about these?  These are the Kendra Scott Elle Earrings.  The Danielle, but just smaller and lighter.  I believe I will be asking for these for my birthday.  Maybe in Lilac or Chalcedony?  If I already wear the Danielles all the stinking time, how much more would I be wearing these?  I think they're even clinic-appropriate {At the moment, I wear these Carly studs to clinic most of the time}.

Okay, break is over.  Back to homework.


Seriously, who makes things like this?  {via here}

Our big girl.

When did she get so big??  

Keeping time.

The new Kate Spade watches?  Um, beaUTiful.  These are my favorites.  But they're all so, so pretty.


WOW.  Something about these make me intensely happy.  They're just perfect.  How sweet would a set of three be in a dining room or kitchen?  It turns out these are prints of the original paintings (by Paul Ferney), as they sold out of those.  {via Heather on Pinterest}


Well, this is fun.  It's called Photoboother.  And it's free!

I found Photoboother on The Bride's Guide.

Pretty, pretty.

Holy cow.  And this.

{J.Crew Resin link frog necklace}

Pink blouse.

Um, kind of in love with this blouse from J.Crew (one of many things).  Yes, please.

{Talitha blouse from J.Crew}

Circle Scarf.