Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elle Earrings.

Is it sad that I am SUPER excited about these?  These are the Kendra Scott Elle Earrings.  The Danielle, but just smaller and lighter.  I believe I will be asking for these for my birthday.  Maybe in Lilac or Chalcedony?  If I already wear the Danielles all the stinking time, how much more would I be wearing these?  I think they're even clinic-appropriate {At the moment, I wear these Carly studs to clinic most of the time}.

Okay, break is over.  Back to homework.


  1. this post is very inspiring!! keep up the good work!! :D thanks for sharing!! let's follow each other if u want ^^ have a great weekend dear :)

  2. So glad you love Elle as much as we do! Thanks so much for the love!!


  3. YAY! Thanks for making it over here! Can't wait to have some in my possession! :)


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