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Merry Christmas!!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called... 
Wonderful Counselor,  Mighty God,  Everlasting Father,  Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6
So thankful for this fact...He is truly all of these things!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


Found myself a little sucked into Sugar Paper's site tonight.  How is everything so adorable?  And how is it that they use the exact, delightful, most perfect shade of pink?

Happy 11-month birthday, baby girl!!

Dear Eloise,

I absolutely can't believe we're just one month away from your first birthday.  How did this happen so fast?  Just this time last year, I was uncomfortably waiting your arrival, thinking you would be here in just a few days (so wrong).  But you, sweet little babe, were waiting for the perfect moment to arrive.  These past two months (again, doing a two-month post :) have been full of fun new things.  Here we go...

* Biggest news:  You started crawling!!!  Just about week ago you officially started.  How exciting!!  We're so proud of you.  You've been trying for awhile and weren't able to quite coordinate it all, but you didn't seem too bothered by the fact.  But now, you are able to crawl where you want when you want.  At this point in time, you aren't too terribly quick.  It's so fun to see you explore.  Today I set you down and you came to visit me in the kitchen.  So sweet.  Oh, and today I also set you down, only to find you had made yo…

Pride and Prejudice fans...

...I found this sweet book for Eloise's stocking yesterday.  It's an adorable Pride and Prejudice counting the idea and the design!

My sweet pea...

...I heart her.  Love getting to spend as much time with she and Zach as I want to right now.  Today Megan and I (heart Megan time so much) were able to start off the Christmas week seeing The Grinch musical, then headed downtown to meet Zach and Ellie for dinner at Bailey's Range (yum!!).  Relaxed this evening to watch a movie.  It feels INcredible.
Plans other than the typical Christmas plans (gift shopping, etc.):  Spend some major time with Jesus, read my Bible more (set up some better habits for school time), read some fun books (Shauna Nequist and Tina Fey in the queue), enjoy every minute with family and friends.  And keep my house somewhat clean.  Yep, that's about it. 

Ad. Or. Able.

Just discovered these adorable stuffed animals from Walnut Animal Society via Rifle Paper on Twitter today.  Oh, wow.  Are they not some of the cutest things you've ever seen?!  Love them.

Christmas is coming.

Sorry I've been so MIA recently.  Just finished exams today and hoping I am truly done (still a chance of remediation next week if I didn't do well).  I am exhausted.  Mind and body-wise.  These past few weeks have been just a lot in general.  And I shoved so much into my brain these last week that I truly thought it was going to burst.  But, I didn't cry during finals week for the first unit.  Such an accomplishment!  haha.  And I learned a lot this unit, plus it went by SO fast this time.  I feel like it's only been a few weeks, but lo and behold, it's been way more.  And I'm now 3/5 done with the first year!!  Wowza. 

So, now it's time to get excited about Christmas!!  Yes, please!  
Here are some pics of Christmas tree shopping the day after Thanksgiving and Eloise loving the Christmas tree.  It's the sweetest.  The poor baby is not feeling too hot right now and screamed a lot tonight, but tomorrow we go Christmas shopping.  If she's really my dau…

Easy playpen.

Next baby, getting this.  Considering the amount of fights I've had with our playpen and one in a hotel room (which involved a bout of me yelling at it at the top of my lungs), this would be a worthwhile investment.  Hallelujah.  It's called the Breeze, made by 4 moms, and it folds and unfolds with one hand in one motion (watch here).  Doesn't come out until next summer.  That's a shame.

Current accessory likes...these two.

I'm officially obsessed with this scarf {from Madewell}.  I love that it's got the feel of a thicker, larger scarf with the classic look of a silk scarf.  The other versions are cute, too!

These Kendra Scott earrings (remember these (they're called the Danielle)?  Still wear them just as much as when I first got them).

Any new faves you all have found?


Is this arrangement not absolutely gorgeous?  The flowers and the sweet vase (teapot?).

{Via Pinterest via Style Me Pretty}


Such a goof.  Seriously.  I don't know where she came up with this face.


For our home, I would like. Happy Christmastime.  

{Found via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Holiday Guide #1

As the holidays get closer (YAY...Christmas music is PLAYing in the Kemp household!) and I have a few more school breaks in the next few weeks, I thought I might try to do some holiday gift guides!  If nothing else, other than to keep track of ideas for future gift-giving.  :)
And to start...for the baby girl (easiest.)! {Item links below}

{Clockwise from top left: Safari Block SetMirabelle the BunnyWooden Push DuckStriped Felt Flower BowAdorable Squeakie ToysSweet Security BlanketLand of Nod "Not-so-Jumbo Rattle"Chickadee Hat Garden}
Also, here are more all things baby posts and favorite baby products.


Eloise received a very special gift today.  A sweet giddy-up horse from Mama and Papa Modali before they move.  It was Deepika's when she was little, so now we have a little bit of Auntie Dee in our house.  Eloise thoroughly enjoyed riding it, and I know she'll continue to as the years go on.  Also of note - everything is completely intact 27 years later.  Including the directions and sound effects.  Yep.  :)  Hopefully it lasts 27 more!


Aren't these the sweetest little slippers (from Garnet Hill)?

p.s.  Eloise currently wears these shoes most days from her Auntie Deepu.  People love them. I love them, too. :)


A little Patty for our little patty-cake?  Yes, please!
{Patagonia Baby Down Vest}
Ah, Patagonia.  There was a point in life when I was running a lot, I was climbing a lot, and well, I was in college.  And I had a pair of pants (this pair).  Sometimes I wore these pants running, then climbing, then to bed, then to class, then anywhere else.  It was disgusting, I realize now.  But they were the most magical pants (finally had to retire them).  I wore them with my fleece, and I was oh, so comfy and warm.   Anyways, even then, people sometimes thought they were dress pants.  And they always made me feel thin(ner).  Now that I am back in "college," even though I spend most of the day sitting on my behind and I have no need for work-out clothes, I'd like that collegiate comfiness back.  Which is why I am asking for new Patty for Christmas.  EA and I can match.

Happy Nine-Month Birthday!

Dear Eloise, 
I'm sorry I haven't been keeping your up with your updates the past few months.  So, this will be a little catch-up for months 8 and 9.  A little list of all the fun things you do.
* You love to play.  Like, LOVE it.  So much so that the past few nights you've sat on a blanket in the living room with your dad and I and played with all your toys for a few hours straight.  This includes: banging toys on other toys.  Banging toys on furniture.  Banging toys on people.  Knocking toys together.  Pulling toys out of toy bin.  Hugging stuffed animals.  Pressing buttons.  Eating toys.
* You love paper.  Not a surprise - you are my daughter.  The only problem is that you love to eat paper.  You recently ate a piece of the developmental screening sheet Cookie brought us.  So that solves that.  Unfortunately, this also includes non-board books.  The other day you were "reading" Pat the Bunny in your crib.  I came in to find that you had also eaten part of its cov…

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Hi, all!'s a giveaway!

See the skirt above?  You can win it!  Shabby Apple has offered to give away a free Adelaide skirt to one lucky reader!  Woohoo!  Shabby Apple sells lots of adorable vintage style dresses (the one below is one of my favorites!), cute maternity dresses, and even some little girls dresses!

Entering will be very simple.
A few notes...the skirt can only be shipped to a US address and there cannot be any exchanges.
1.  To enter, you must "like" Shabby Apple on facebook (click here), then leave a comment below letting me know you did so.  That's it.
2.  If you would like extra entries, you can do the following, leaving a separate comment to let me know you did each (for instance, if you did all four, you would have four separate comments): + Tweet the giveaway +  Share it on facebook + Follow or subscribe to Pink Holidaze (if you haven't already!)
Shabby Apple has is also offering readers a 10% discount!  Just enter the code PINKHOLIDAZE10OFF - …

Under the sea.

Eloise's first costume...a little mermaid.  I know I'm biased, but she looked so cute.  We took her to our church party last night, where she had fun playing in the little ball pit with the other kids.  Babies in costumes = hilariously adorable.

Mermaid outfit knitted/sewn by Cookie.  Inspiration via Pinterest.


Mom and Dad also picked up this awesome little toy while in San Francisco.  Its name is Sparky the rabbit (by Rich Frog).  It's a natural, chewable toy for babies.  And it's adorable.  Eloise loves it.  It's kind of like another version of Sophie (By the way, you can't go wrong with Sophie.  I've yet to see a baby, or any child, who doesn't like her.)

Owl Hat - Part II.

The owl hat on Eloise, thanks to Cookie and Da!  We love it and Cookie says she's pretty sure they're handmade to order.


Summing up some of the fun things we did over break, now that it is over (sad).  This week has not been too bad.  I am actually going to use this week to get ahead with school.  I have finished my work for the most part.  I am reviewing material now, planning to do another assignment tomorrow.  My binder is already organized. I am doing this - blogging. It feels odd.  I feel a little suspicious.  Anyways...
We went to the pumpkin patch with Leah and Elias (and moms, of course :)...

...obviously, they were enthralled with the pumpkin selection... mulch everywhere, including mouths...

...we took a walk to the grocery store on a pretty car had problems last week...the perfect time for that to happen and a perfect excuse to get some rest at home...

...we attended E's first birthday party, which was stinking adorable and a lot of fun.  I believe Eloise is pulling on Ev's dress while chewing on her teether...

...Perfect timing of break and girlie visits = Saturday night fun with …