Friday, November 4, 2011


A little Patty for our little patty-cake?  Yes, please!

Ah, Patagonia.  There was a point in life when I was running a lot, I was climbing a lot, and well, I was in college.  And I had a pair of pants (this pair).  Sometimes I wore these pants running, then climbing, then to bed, then to class, then anywhere else.  It was disgusting, I realize now.  But they were the most magical pants (finally had to retire them).  I wore them with my fleece, and I was oh, so comfy and warm.   Anyways, even then, people sometimes thought they were dress pants.  And they always made me feel thin(ner).  Now that I am back in "college," even though I spend most of the day sitting on my behind and I have no need for work-out clothes, I'd like that collegiate comfiness back.  Which is why I am asking for new Patty for Christmas.  EA and I can match.  


  1. Wow looks nice. But I personally think pink is color of girls so I like it more if it is in some other color


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