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Nursery inspiration board.


A California wedding from Once sweet.  This girl has possibly the most amazing short hair cut I've ever seen.  And her blog, "the neo-traditionalist," is incredible.

Prepared for winter.

I got a discount code (30% off...what!!) and purchased my winter maternity coat from the Gap.  Not gonna lie, it doesn't photograph that well.  It gets a little "glossy" and bag-like in the light.  This was the best we could get.  My first venture into the puffer coat world.  I have to admit that I haven't removed the tags yet.  The poof still makes me a little nervous.  Oh, yes.. and that's one of our dogs, Mookie.  He likes to be wherever we are.  :)

25 weeks.

25 weeks and 2 days.

It IS easy!

Easy as pie!  The hardest part is the glue!  Even the stitching was easy.  The fact that I actually finished them proves it.  I tend to give up pretty quickly on crafts.  This will be just the start...

Family. I love them.

{Photos by Jaime Plemon - she's the one in my profile photo doing my hair, because she also happens to be a hair stylist.  And that photo was taken by her brother, who did this video.  Whew.  Talented family}

Hoop scoop.

Loving these "swatch portraits" from Purl Bee.  I definitely plan on making quite a few for Baby E's wall.  The tutorial is right here.  And it is simple, which makes me happy.  Planning on getting over to the Hobbily Lobbily today to check out the materials.  And maybe ordering some super-awesome fabric from Purl online (in my dreams I will visit the real store).
{Image 1: Norah's nursery on OhDeeDoh; Image 2: Purl Bee; Image 3: Little P's nursery on OhDeeDoh}


Pondering little E. A. today.

She's coming soon, but not so soon all at the same time.  
And I wonder what she'll look like.  Will she recognize us right away?  And know that we're her parents.  That we've already loved her a long time?  
I felt this way with my niece.  I still do.  I cried the day she was born, missing her birth and so wishing I could just smother her with hugs and kisses.  I love she and my nephew so much that sometimes I think I could burst.
Maybe her personality will be a combination of us both.  Or our parents.  Or her sweet uncles or cousins?  I can't wait.  
I admit that I secretly hope she comes out laughing.  Or maybe she laughs her first day of life.  I know that's impossible.  But I want her to know the joy of laughter that both of our families love so well.  Laughter that is such a large part of why her parents are together.  Will she laugh at the same things?  Think that idiotic movies are absolutely hilarious.  Appreciate sarcasm.  Wil…

If only...

...I were a little bit younger.  Because this headboard is pretty much awesome. 

I would give you the link, but it happens to be out of stock anyways (but it's the Lewis headboard with Emmy Slipcover from Pottery Barn Kids).

Option two.

Okay, still loving that Aunt Bucky bedding I just's so fun and hip (I feel old using that word :)...but, thinking that it might not be very versatile.  Well, here's a cute and simpler option.  "Coco Dot" from Pottery Barn Kids.  I like.  I happen to like a lot of things on their site.  :)

Now bedding.

Here's my new favorite.  I am contemplating pink walls again after a talk with my mom (the blues and grays are so pretty, but will I regret not doing pink?  I mean, it's my absolute favorite.).  A really light, vintage-like pink.  Nothing over the top.  So thinking about that, it seems better to do some really funky, bright bedding in that white crib to even it out.  There isn't a quilt to go with it (a bummer), but you do get a free pillow like that when you order the bumper and sheet.  So, is it cute enough?  That's the question.  It's "Pinky Dear" by Aunt Bucky with the "Cotton Candy Clouds" crib sheet (thanks, etsy!).

Thoughts, please?  Anyone?

Crib decisions.

This, my friends, will be our crib.  I'm pretty excited.  Jenny Lind we will go.  In white.  This is the best photo I could find, but you get the picture.  It's the same crib in a few of those favorite nursery idea photos I posted recently.

As for me...

"Whom have I in heaven but you?  And earth has nothing I desire besides you.  My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for me, it is good to be near God.  I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds."
Psalm 73: 25-26, 28

What a gift.

We have a real dining room table!  Oh, the joy!  

Zach had purchased a nice high top table before we got married, which is pretty, but a little high for a shorty like me, and definitely not conducive to kids or extra guests.  So, we brought our picnic table inside.  And although the picnic table (side note: our everyday china in those photos has been discontinued!  I'm so sad...and on the search for a replacement plate.) has given us a great run, it was time for a change (and chair backs!).  So, I began the search for a great, thick, white dining room table to seat six people.  There are lots of great options, just not necessarily options we can afford at this moment.  Well, turns out my grandparents were planning on replacing their old table with a smaller one and they flat out gave us their old (but new-looking) Amish-made table and chairs this week.  I'm in heaven.  It's made with this sturdy, oh so thick wood.  And six whole people can sit comfortably.  Even more if you…


A cute maternity coat for the winter.  Yay.  I was really starting to think that I wouldn't find anything I actually liked for a reasonable price.  My favorite so far has been a cute Isabella Oliver one, which retails for way more than I can justify for just a maternity coat. the rescue, the Gap Maternity long puffer coat.  Honestly, when I saw this photo on-line, I thought "ugggly".  I mean, who needs a puffer coat when you've already got a lot of extra "fluff" going on anyways.  But, after trying it on in person - huge fan.  Maybe not completely my style, but cute.  And, not too big to wear afterwards.  I'll be waiting for a coupon to buy this up.  Buyers beware, though...the one in black pretty much looks like a trash bag.


I can't stop laughing at this photo of a "Nacho Libre" homemade toddler costume (via OhDeeDoh).   Hi-stinking-lar-ious.

New book!

I'm so looking forward to Nora Ephron's new book,I Remember Nothing, which is due to come out this fall.  Can't get enough of her movies or her writing!

oh. my.

How cute are these?  I can barely take it...

{Noonies by Lala's Pequenos}

Christmas, Christmas!!

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas.  Not a surprise.  The music, the lights, the trees glowing in windows.  Wrapping presents.  And the cards we'll send.  I concluded that we won't go the photo card route this year - we pretty much look the same as last year, other than my larger belly, which I don't plan on sending in a card anyways - so, regular Christmas cards it will be.  And seeing these gorgeous letterpress cards from Erin at Lucky Luxe (Erin designed our wedding programs and menus!), sealed the deal.  Hoping to order some soon (maybe I'll frame a few for decor...).

Pretty excited.

For a second season of this.  If you know me, you probably know I'm a slight, maybe more than slight fan of Bethenny Frankel.  I think she's pretty fun...and I like her take on food.  So, I feel like maybe it's a little sad to be posting about this, but I'm still going to do it.  Because I'm that excited.  Bethenny's facebook status (yeah, yeah...I get her updates) says they're taping their new season.  Wahoo!  Hoppiness all around! :)
{Image found here}

So far.

This is my favorite bedding so far from The Land of Nod.  It's hard to decide without having made other decisions, though...


...nursery ideas.  So many options...these are just a few!!  I want it to be baby-ish, but not sickening.  Modern but inviting.  Classic but funky.  Colorful yet muted.  Oh, darn.  And, I've always thought having a girl would mean automatic pink walls.  I mean, it's pink!  But, now, looking at pictures online...the pink walled rooms aren't really my favorites.  I'm loving that striped wall, but I'm not quite sure how great it would look in the room we're using.  What do you guys think?  Any favorites?

{Images 1-5: Ohdeedoh; Image 6: Making it Lovely; Images 7-9: Pottery Barn Kids}

Hat deal.

So, I was just on the Kate Spade website (which, by the can download a really fun free mix here right now) and spotted this hat, which looks like a more expensive version of the one my mom knitted me and my sister-in-law last year.  Boo ya.  Unfortunately, the pattern was apparently a pain (and my mom is a very talented knitress), so she's not up for commissions.  haha.  :)  I need to put up more of her knitting later, because she pretty much amazes me with her mad skillz.

Here's the Kate Spade Version.

And a far away view of my mom's knitted version... {This pic is from Chicago last year...that's my cousin and uncle on the left and my pops on the right.  My cousin and her sisters, at college that weekend, are eight million kinds of cute in every way...sometimes I can't get over them. :)}

23 weeks...vaya!

I can't believe it's already three weeks over the half point!!  Oh, wow.  So, just yesterday (the exact 23 week mark), I suddenly felt larger.  All of a sudden.  I don't know if it's my mind or actually happening, but it's so odd.  She's been kicking on and off, some days more than others, but enough so for Zach to actually see my stomach moving the other day! {Shirt: Gap Maternity; Jeans: Gap Maternity; Giraffe Bracelet: Forever 21}


For this guy.  For over a year of marriage to him.  For his understanding, kind heart.  And the fact that God was gracious enough to bring us together.  For his ability to calm me down when I can't seem to get it together.  To point me to Jesus when I need Him most.  To love me despite the fact that I rarely make him food.  And love me through my odd little quirks.  Yeah, just really thankful.  :)


I may not like the music, but those VMA's have me dying to go back here... The Griffith Observatory. I heart.