Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A cute maternity coat for the winter.  Yay.  I was really starting to think that I wouldn't find anything I actually liked for a reasonable price.  My favorite so far has been a cute Isabella Oliver one, which retails for way more than I can justify for just a maternity coat. the rescue, the Gap Maternity long puffer coat.  Honestly, when I saw this photo on-line, I thought "ugggly".  I mean, who needs a puffer coat when you've already got a lot of extra "fluff" going on anyways.  But, after trying it on in person - huge fan.  Maybe not completely my style, but cute.  And, not too big to wear afterwards.  I'll be waiting for a coupon to buy this up.  Buyers beware, though...the one in black pretty much looks like a trash bag.

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