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And they're off... Ethiopia! Bon Voyage Jord and Tony!
{Jordan (right) and I (left) on our little camel friends back in 2005 (what?!) in the Sahara}

Lovely Letterpress...

I received the best gift yesterday from some friends...they picked them out in a shop while on vacation in Hawaii!! Elated would be an understatement. Here they are...awesome letterpress cards (By Design-Logix, Illustrated by Lori Nuha). The designs are gorgeous and the colors are so, so rich. And the paper, it's gloriously heavy. Thanks, guys!!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy-o in the world. You're a great friend and mentor, as well as a wonderful father! I'm so thankful for you, Dad! :)

Well aren't these just the bee's knees...

Kate Spade, my dears...

Oh, J. Crew. I heart you.

I could load this post up with all the things I like...

Pretty, again.

I heart myself some Betsy Dunlap calligraphy. I like other calligraphy, I swear. But this is so pretty...from Oh, So Beautiful Paper. An invitation in a book!


Another purchase I made on Saturday...okay, more of an investment after I found out how much it cost, was some Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick (But it's really nice...and I swear my last tube of their lipstick lasted about ten years. Which is sick, I realize.). Anyways, this purchase made me think of my nail polish and makeup OBSESSION in junior high, through which I purchased Chanel's "Night Sky" limited edition nail polish. Seriously, when I looked up a picture, this huge wave of nostalgia hit. I loved this nail polish. With a passion. I kind of wish they still sold it.

Lucky find

I found Japanese Washi Tape for $3.95 at Anthropologie today! It's normally $22.00, so I was pretty excited. I've been admiring it, but never thought it was worth the money. That being said, I have NO idea what I'm going to do with it. I'm sure it will go to good use, though. My pack looks similar to this photo. Something I did not allow myself to buy was the $3.95 pack of Jack and Lulu stripey straws. I honestly regret this decision. Walking out of Anthro having spent less than five dollars is a miracle in itself, so you should get yourself over to their sale section!