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Minted Inspiration Boards!

Hi, all!  Just wanted to introduce you guys to something fun from Minted. They've added an inspiration board feature to their site where you can create you own wedding (or party!) board based around their great selection of invitations and save the dates.  You can also browse boards that were already created for inspiration.  Annnd, you can participate in their inspiration board challenge, which means you can win some awesome prizes (they're giving away $200 a week and a $1,000 in Minted credit).  Here's one of my favorite boards below (Love the gold.  And that dress.  I'm obsessed)!
Vintage Glam board by Erica Miller. See more Minted

Concrete Jungle Christmas.

N.Y.C. We had a blast in New York last week.  Zach and I had never been together and it was E's first trip! It was a quick one, after a very long drive (yes, we drove :), but totally worth it.  I'm pretty sure there were a few times in the car when we all felt like screaming, but we made it in one piece.  And Christmas was all around us, which I loved (no surprise there).  We got a great deal for a hotel literally across the street from Rock Center, and ended up in a room (tiny room) with an absolutely incredible view.  It was called The Jewel of New York (got our room on Priceline)...highly recommend.  Anyways, staying close to everything made being there with a toddler ten times easier, and more fun when we turned in a little earlier than we might have normally.  And we were able to walk almost everywhere.  Eloise loved looking around and at one point exclaimed, "Exciting! Exciting!"  :)  On the way back, we were able to stop in Pittsburgh and enjoy really refresh…

Snow and my boots.

SNOW, SNOOW, SNOOOW, SNOOOOWWW... {name that tune.}
Loving the Christmas-y feel after Christmas.  Eloise has enjoyed it as well.  
And here are my new bright red boots I got for Christmas.  Just in time for the weather.  Turns out I needed kids sizing in the Hunters all along.  Enjoying them fully.  Oh, and the liners - pretty much awesome.

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a great time celebrating with my family on Christmas Eve and Zach's family on Christmas day.  {And, we woke up to inches of snow this morning.  So pretty.} This year Eloise was really able to enjoy the festivities and it was so fun to see her open gifts and play with them.  She received her little toy kitchen on Christmas Eve and has become a little obsessed.  It's SO cute and makes me so happy.  She takes it very seriously.  So far, she bakes mostly "birday cake" (cupcakes) over and over again, saying "Birday cake, I wike birday cake."  It's pretty entertaining.  Other favorites included a cradle for her babies, an Elmo drum set (hilarious to see her play), and lots of other little toys and books (lots of kitchen accessories).  My favorite of her gifts...the mega-sorter we bought to try to minimize the damage afterwards.  Haha.

Merry, merry.

Merry Christmas to you and yours...hope you all had a wonderful day!  And best wishes for the new year (although I hope to get in a few posts before then :).

Christmas in NYC.

In just five days, I'll be looking at THIS tree.  So happy.   New York, I can't wait.  Sweet Christmas-ness.

Awesome-sauce lip stain/balm.

I've been wanting to get a Clinique chubby stick ever since I tried my cousin's earlier this fall and really liked it, but I have been trying to be responsible with my makeup purchases and hoped to find something similar. And similar I found the other day.  It's called Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Lip Balm.  It's definitely a balm, with a little mintiness to it, and with lots of color.  Like, to the point where I thought it was going to be sheer and thought 'whoa.'  You only need two coats for vibrant color.  And then it lasts like 5 hours as a stain.  Your lips may feel a little dry, but the color stays forever.  Awesome for going to clinic, so I feel at least a little more put together (Instead of like the other day, when I had blood on my face for like an hour.  It was during a surgery, I promise. Yeeeep.)  Anyways, you all should get some.  It's super easy to carry around and $8 a pop.  I'm wearing "Sweetheart" in the photo above.  It…

15% off gifts at Layla Grace!

Yet another affiliate deal for this holiday season as you all finish up gift shopping (or start :).  15% off gifts at Layla Grayce using the code "merry."  There are quite a few gift ideas on their site, but these are some of my favorites.  You can link to any of the products by clicking on the photos!  And, I know, I can't help including blabla dolls.  They're just too cute.  And, I included that crown for those who asked about Eloise's birthday crown.  Not exactly the same, but pretty close!  Enjoy!

Decking the halls...

We've been decking the halls here at home.  So exciting.  Oh, how much I heart Christmas.

Our Minted Calendar! And why they're awesome.

Last week Minted offered to let me try out one of their awesome photo calendars, and no hesitation....I promptly took them up on the offer.  Not only do I LOVE Minted products (see proof here), but I've always wanted to order a photo calendar and just haven't ever made one.  So, I received the calendar last night and the quality does not disappoint.  They recently updated to a new matte paper, and one that's super thick.  So, not only does the design look super luxurious, but it's easy to write on compared to some other calendars.  And, there's enough room to write in the squares.  I know that sounds silly, but so many calendars don't have enough room for events. Here are a few shots to show you how it turned out and more details below...

I chose the "Glittering Confetti Grand Calendar" and absolutely love it.  The colors and calligraphy make me smile.  I was wondering how the design would show considering it's somewhat simple, but it stands out …