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And fun it is.

I'm pleased to report that this tinsel wreath really was super easy to make!  I used a 12" embroidery hoop and two one dollar packets of tinsel.   And that wax paper flower is the one Aleza had atop a gift she gave me (she used the tutorial on the wreath link).

3 years.

Three years ago today, Zach and I went on our first date.  He ate the hot pepper in his Thai food in an attempt to impress me.  Then his face turned bright red and he broke into a sweat.  And it worked.  We've been together ever since.  So thankful for these three years and all the years to come...

(Okay, so this isn't a photo from our first date, but we'd been dating about a month)


I think I would squeal with delight if I ever received any gifts wrapped up in this paper (from Smock Paper).  Isn't it beautiful?

Moving along.

And a wee bit more progress...thanks to a sweet surprise shower from my high school girls (hello pink suitcases.  and hello pink Christmas tree!).  And five coats of white paint on the bureau and changing table (Pass downs from Zach's brother and sister-in-law.  So. Thankful.).  Let's just say I won't be painting anything for a long, long while.  I'm dying to put things on the wall right now (especially since receiving this), but I'm weary of doing it too soon.  So I'll wait.  I'm so excited for it to be finished soon.

{Just in case you'd like any info so far...DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib; IKEA Rand Rug; IKEA Poang Chair and Ottoman; Pottery Barn Kids Side Table (similar style); Hobby Lobby Pink Polka Dot Knobs; Pier One Window Panels (blue found in store); Pottery Barn Kids Lamp (similar); Land of Nod Pink Suitcases; "Baby Love" Smock Paper Card; ModCloth Pink Tree; Olympic Candy Mix paint; Blabla Mini Prudence Doll}


I really didn't get many photos of Thanksgiving.  But, we had a good time with Zach's family on Wednesday and my family on Thursday.  And it was nice to have Zach off work for quite a few days.  That's my favorite.  We celebrated by staying up until two in the morning a few nights watching Modern Family.  We're completely addicted.  And I can't wait until the rest of my family becomes addicted.  Lots of time was spent getting the house organized as well.  We're about as done with the nursery as we can be at this point, and the whole basement is clean (thank you, husband).

I enjoyed my mom's flower arrangement.

Rosie being very Rosie-ish.  :)

Thank you, Gilt.

Because of you, Gilt Groupe, Eloise will be sporting these lavender leather moccasins come springtime.  And because of your $20 credit, they cost under a dollar.  Quite a deal if I must say so myself.  :)  I was quite tempted by these Rosanna, Inc. mugs as well.
{Original Product Sites: Trumpette Baby Mocs; Rosanna, Inc. Walk In the Woods Collection}


I came home from a baby shower today to find that Zach and his parents had installed our dining room light fixture.  Quite the fun surprise!  We're still trying to figure out how to deal with the excess chain and what height to keep it, but other than that, here we are.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Happy Christmastime!

As you can tell, our tree is a wee bit too tall.  :)

33 weeks.

33 weeks + 2 days + 2 Thanksgiving feasts... she's growing so fast!

{Gap Maternity Tank Top and Jeans; J. Crew Cardi (similar)}

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for so, so much this year.  Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

{Image from Country Living}


Ann Taylor Loft has 40% off everything on their site for a few days!   Maternity and non-maternity (some of their non-maternity even works as maternity); both are incredible.  I love their use of texture and color.  So fun.  You guys should check it out (p.s. the cardigan selection is great).  Here are a few of my favs.

Maternity Ruched Tee

Military Wool Jacket with Fur Collar

Moody Leaves Ruffle Shell

Return here.

I've wanted one of these stamps ever since Heather posted about them last year.  I believe I'll put one on the Christmas list this to decide which one...

{Lettergirl Self-Inking Address Stamps:  BeaAmeliaElizabeth}


I'd like to find an excuse (Oh, yes...and the money :) to wear this (PERfect, perfect pink)...

with these...

and this.


As if.

As if I weren't already convinced it's time to switch to an IPhone.  And now these.

{Kate Spade IPhone Cases}

Holiday Staple.

With Thanksgiving week upon us, I thought I might share one of my most favorite holiday recipes...Carrot Souffle.  Don't like carrots?  Don't worry.  You don't need's more like the food coloring.  You really just need to love butter and sugar.  It disguises itself as a side dish, but it's kind of dessert.  And the ingredients are super simple.  I even made it for Thanksgiving in Morocco.  It does best in a souffle dish, but you can make it in a baking dish if need be. <


I JUST figured out how to use different fonts here!!! Finally!  It requires some kind of backwards copy and paste action (if you know a better way, let me know), but it works!  Yay.  Now I can use my new free fonts (piron and matilde….click here) and I find myself slightly tempted to buy one (that being Buttermilk).  I wont, but I want to.

Fun project.

Here's a cute and simple holiday wreath you can make using embroidery hoops (they're very handy) from Creature Comforts Blog (via Making It Lovely).  I believe I'll pop out a few of these this week.


So, I've given in to decorating just a little bit.  :)  And my transition, kind of Christmas movie, "You've Got Mail" is keeping me company while I do so.  Well, Nora Ephron is (her new book is out!) as I watch the movie with her commentary.  The commentary is about as good as the movie.  It makes me feel like I'm visiting New York.  And it led me to this awesome book quite a few years back:  The Great Good Place (if you like coffee shops, you might like it, too!).  Okay...back to my decorating!


Here's a little photo wrap-up of our time in Chicago...a week later.

Our first morning we walked through Oak Park from my aunt and uncle's house to the train station.  I love that place.  The houses are so pretty and it's so close to the city.    Also, I heart trains.  We spent most of the morning at the Art Institute.  Their newer modern wing is really beautiful.

Then we spent some time in Millennium Park.  It really doesn't get old.  And I love the way the rest of the city looks from it.

Just the three of us.

Gabby met us downtown that afternoon and we did a little shopping.  yay.  And it felt a little like Christmas.  Then we met my aunt and uncle for dinner in Wicker Park at Crust for really yummy pizza.

I like Wicker Park.  Highly recommend stopping by these shops: Elevenzees (cutest collection of baby stuff), Renigade Handmade (reminded me so much of Reform School.  I wanted to buy so much that I bought nothing.), and Paper Doll (didn't actually get to go in, but…


I never posted the light fixture we bought for our dining room.  After seeing all of them in person, this ended up being our favorite.  (Also, we needed to make a quick decision before we turned on each other.)  Turns out the other ones might not have been large enough or provided enough light.  This one is more classic than I was planning, but I like the look of it.  Hopefully we'll get to install it soon!
{IKEA Kroby Pendant Lamp Double}