Wednesday, November 10, 2010


hehe.  Zach and I kept going in to look at Eloise's clothes last night.  There's something about seeing all those tiny, tiny clothes hanging in a BIG closet.  And there's something about hanging them up that made me oh, so happy.  

Also, that is our pink you see in the background.  The room is painted!  It's much more "bubblegum" than I expected it to be (I tried to get as close as possible to the color I had wanted), but I still think I like it.  Right now it literally glows from the street!


  1. Can we get more photos? I'm sure it will feel more mild filled with stuff. I love imagining you two peeking into that closet. So sweet.

    PS- Qhat's the french looking striped shirt? Looks adorable ;)


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