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Naming game.

Alanna just sent me this fun article (this image is from the site).  I wish I could say we chose the name Eloise because of some great lineage in our family, but truly, I heard it from the books and we just think it's cute and sweet.  And we both like it.  :)  Her middle name, Anne ("with an e," as Anne of Green Gables would say), was my mom's middle name (with an e as well) before she took on her maiden name.  And we also liked the way they sounded together.

21 weeks.

21 (we) are. :)  I've had the joy of feeling Eloise kick (or punch or roll...whatever she's doing) off and on more recently and it's a pretty incredible feeling.  Everything is definitely becoming more real.

Sweet gift.

Literally.  Jackie, Danielle and I had a fun evening together and they showed up to my house with a huge bag full of...cookies.  The cutest, most professional-looking cookies (these pictures don't do them justice).  They baked them Thursday night after learning we'd be having a girl and her name is even on some of them.  Talk about thoughtful...I was blown away.  They also happen to taste SO good that I've already had four.  Whoops.


Zach and I were able to go on a date last night and it was a treat to have some great quality time.  We ate a good meal at Global Gourmet (really yummy, sauce-covered salmon for me and a Kenyan curry dish for Zach) and hung out afterwards...a visit to the mall and Barnes and Noble, a coke at Sonic.  We're just that cool.  :)

I'm trying to really savor these last few months of just the two of us.  We're excited to meet our new addition, but I know this time is different and special and I don't want it to go too quickly.  Sometimes I still can't get over how much our plans have changed recently.  It's all really good, but sometimes the big-ness (I have no other word to describe it) of it all has me feeling like this whole summer has been one really long week.  And although I rarely want to wish summer away, I'm excited for fall to come.  Not just for the weather, or the proximity to Christmas, or the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but maybe just the newness of it an…

Coocoo for Coco.

Okay, so I know I said I would only buy one outfit.  But, Zach and I were in Old Navy last night and I ran across these, which I couldn't resist.  And I had a coupon.  I mean, come's a 0-3 months Chanel inspired jacket!!!  And these little boots will go with her jacket when she wears her skinny jeans.  hehe.  It's all TOO much.  :)

My first purchase.

I told myself I could only buy one thing.  And that it couldn't cost much.  Soooo...I found this on sale at Macy's! :)


Ridiculous.  I realize this.  I promise I will never buy this for my child...but it's pretty stinking cute. {via Saks}


So, I know I normally put pretty things on this blog, and this is disgusting....I'm sorry...this is way, way too good to pass up.  It's Rob "Cattinson" on the left!  hahaha.

Here she is...

...our beautiful little alien child.

It's a girl!!

I'm thinking about buying these (maybe I'll wait to see if they go on sale) for our little GIRL, Eloise Anne Kemp!  Can't wait to meet her come January.  All in all, everything is still going well pregnancy-wise.  Hip hooray!

Cool combos.

I heart this storyboard from Lox Papers...via Black Eiffel.  That pink bike = AWESOME! {p.s.  all the individual item links can be found on the lox papers blog link above}


This is so cute and amazing...this little boy recites a huge poem ("Litany" by Billy Collins) in the sweetest way.  {via A Cup of Joe...can you tell I love this blog? :)}

Veggies and Fruits!

I received this in my mailbox the other day in a nice, large kraft's none other than our Aleza Peza's wedding invitation!! What joy!  Aleza's friend Nina is an amazing artist who did this by hand, lettering and all.   Impressive.  It's absolutely perfect...especially for Aleza and Justin's fruit and veggie themed wedding.  (p.s.  if you have any interest in Nina's work, let me know and Aleza will get you in touch!)

Movin' on up.

20 Weeks.  Here it is.  Thursday morning we will know if this little babe is a boy or girl!


Yeah.  Look closely.  These are cheese wedding cakes (via 100 Layer Cake).  Pretty incredible and hilarious.

Baby Bag Roundup.

I've got a few favorites so they are!  What do you guys think?

Mia Bosse Reese Bag...very chic.  I don't think I'd get this one, but it's very cool.
Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Bag...pretty much gorgeous.  I think that's all I need to say.  :)

Kirsten James Alexis Diaper friend Beth has this bag in a bird print (there are lots of different fabric options) and I love it.  It looks like the diaper bag Anthropologie would sell if they had any.
Not Rational Kelly Diaper Bag...for the rock start mom (literally, you need to be to afford it!), it's pretty much like a beautiful leather purse.

Tim & Leslie Charlie II Diaper Bag...similar look to the one above, but a fourth of the price!  In vinyl, not leather, which could be nice around babies.  I love that this looks like a nice purse, too.  And it comes in a lot of colors. Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Baby Bag...I didn't like this one so much after seeing it online, but I saw it in person the…

Pink and Orange.

Love this pretty California wedding from StyleMePretty.  I've seen this Vera Wang wedding dress a few times on blogs and I think it's so incredibly gorgeous.  These photos don't show it, but it has a glittery shimmer to it.  And the stationary is super fun.

Memory re-builder.

I'm in the middle of reading A House in Fez, about a couple restoring a riad in the Fez medina (which just happens to be one of the most incredible places in the world).  If you want to get a taste of Morocco, the culture and people there...this is it.  It brings back so many wonderful memories, reminding me of all the things I loved and all the things I loved to hate.

I heart Team Zoe.

Major.  :)  Watching the Rachel Zoe project...really fun.

Bouquet love.

Really gorgeous, stunning.  Found awesome poppies & posies via a friend from high school.  These photos from their blog.


I think I have fallen in love with this (on etsy).  I love the gold against the turquoise.

Belly shot.

Here's a belly pic just a day before the 19 week mark...we'll find out what we're having in just about a week and a half.  yay!


Jenna and Liz came to visit for a few days last week and it was such a joy.  Refreshing and fun in each and every way.  Carbondale is a bit out of the way, so it means so much to me when people make the trip all the way here.  We spent some of Tuesday and Wednesday in the Dale before heading to St. Louis to meet up with our lovely Megan.  Here's a picture of us all at the Muny theatre ("Showboat" was playing)...before sweating profusely and after a really yummy dinner at Mosaic downtown.  

Match stix.

Stumbled upon these Matchstick Post-its via SimpleSong.  So pointless.  So cool.

Fun much?

Very cool via Once Wed.

Hilariously cute.

These were on A Cup of Joe a while ago...they make me laugh every time I see them.

Maternity Land is Vast.

A little tricky, but vast.  I've fallen in love with my stretchy pants (and as of last week, they no longer became a choice).  They're pretty comfy.  Anyways, I'm going to share a few of my favorite maternity finds so far. 

I'm in love with my James Jeans maternity "jeggings" (found super on sale at Nordstrom).  They're my first pair of jeggings and they actually happen to make me feel great.  Apparently the idea is to suffocate my legs in hopes that at least one part of me will look smaller.  (Another good find: Gap Maternity's "Always Skinny.")

I ordered this shirt in a light blue and I'm waiting to fit into it.  Alanna has the striped version and it looks so cute on her belly! :)

Isn't this dress from the Gap too cute?!

An awesome trench from Ann Taylor Loft Maternity.  A lot of mulah for a few months, though.  :(

Isabella Oliver "Empire Tunic."   Pretty darn cool.  Pretty darn expensive.  The whole website is amazing.