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So, I've been wanting some Uggs for a few years and finally decided to use some Christmas money to buy the classic short ones this week.  And I'm so glad I did.    They may not be the most flattering things, but man, they're so stinking comfy...especially for these pregnant feet!!  No wonder they're so popular.  Now if only this random warm weather and rain would go away so I could wear them more.  Bring on the snow!

Happy New Year!

What are you all up to for New Years?  We're hanging out at my parent's house watching Modern Family...nice and relaxing.  :)  Hope you all have a wonderful start to the year!
{Image found here}

Fabric Designs.

Just spotted this cool website on OhDeeDoh called can create your own fabrics from your own designs!  How cool is that?  Or, you can purchase some already created ones!  Here are my favorites...I like.

A basically finished nursery for Eloise.

So excited for her nursery to finally be done, other than a few little things to add (I've kind of puttered out on hanging things for a bit).  And so excited to share it!  Now, we just need the baby!  C'mon, little El.

{Land of Nod Shelf Silverstein (24"); Land of Nod Singing Birdcage; Land of Nod Binth Alphabet Print; Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads;Pottery Barn Kids Frame (no longer available); Hobby Lobby "E" spray painted blue; Knit hangers hand knit by my mom from Vintage Knits for Modern Baby; Gymboree French outfit; Old Navy Bodysuit}

{Hoop Swatches; Ashley Gierke Raccoon Paper Cut; Anthropologie "e" and "k"; Embroidered hoops by Lauren Reedy; Crate and Barrel Lamp (no longer available); Daschund card; Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer; Hobby Lobby "E"; Land of Nod Bookshelf; Land of Nod Changing Pad Cover}


My mom got me this book, Hatched!: The Big Push from Pregnancy to Parenthood (here), for Christmas and it is perhaps one of the most hilarious books I've set eyes on.  It's a bunch of little fuzzy easter chicks staged in all these hilarious settings with witty comments about babies and such.  Highly, highly recommend it if you're needing a gift for a pregnant woman or new mom.  Or if you'd like a nice laugh.

38 weeks and two, count it, two days!

Wowza, it's been a while since I last posted.  It's been a busy week or so, in the best of ways.  Christmas was fun (personally, I like to think it's not over :).  It was snowy and white and absolutely beautiful.  And Zach's been home from work most of the week...also very fun.  And now we are waiting.  And waiting.  For this little baby to arrive.  I'm trying to be patient.  We're still 11 days from her due date.  But our bags are packed.  Her clothes are washed.  And I am so ready and so not ready all at the same time.  Are you ever really completely ready?  I'm not so sure.  Other than the normal discomforts and exhaustion, though, I'm in so much less pain than I've been for the past few months (since she has officially dropped).  Which makes these last weeks much more fun.  Either way, I'm in a whirlwind of emotions.  Our lives are about to change completely...for the better...but completely.  :)  Oh me, oh my.


Caught wind of these Laduree Stickers (attn: Heather Bruce :) on the neo-traditionalist...I don't know what I'd do with stickers at this point, but they're really cute.

37 and a day.

Getting so, so, so close.

Baby Find #2.

At my last shower, I opened up this awesome surprise from my mom.  A hand knit bunny mobile.  Yeah.  Cookie's got some serious talent.  I love it.  Love, love it.  It makes me happy every single time I look at it hanging there.  My mom used a pattern from Vintage Knits for Modern Baby (here), but if you're not a knitter or don't know any, blabla kids has some great hand knit mobiles.  These photos are from our nursery, so there's a peek at our bedding in place and the "love" print we ordered.

Baby Find #1.

Numero uno: Land of Nod Changing Pad (Baby Pink Dotted Changing Pad Cover).

It's cute.  Really cute.  And the best part is that it's got a super thick quilted top that I'm sure baby will appreciate.  I've already washed it once and it did well, plus I'm thinking the dark color and dots will be a great advantage when it gets stained.  Because I'm guessing it will.  :)

{p.s.  This photo is from the website...I'll show it in the room when I put up nursery pics!}

Awesome Baby Finds.

I'm hoping to get up photos of the finished nursery this week...until then I thought I'd post on some of the great gifts we've received or other fun items we've purchased.   I know I won't get to a lot of them on here...we'll see how far it goes (we've truly loved every single gift we've received).  So, if this starts to get boring or annoying, give me a shout out and let me know.  :)


I finally had my wedding dress cleaned and boxed up after all this time.  It's now all sealed in tight with the veil and fascinator.  And I'm happy it's safe, but having it a box makes a me a little nostalgic.  I loved wearing that dress.  And I loved picking it out with my mom and Elaine.  When the lady brought it out, I didn't think much of it at first.  But then I tried it on.  And I felt like a princess.  And in the end, I loved it best because it was simple, but incredibly well made.  The subtle, perfect seaming and the thick silk covered buttons had me sold.  I felt secure in it.  And happy.  Very happy (but that wasn't because of the dress :).  I hope it can bring someone else joy someday.

Vintage Posters.

Loving these by {a} Vintage Poster (via nienie).

36 weeks.

This was on Monday at exactly 36 weeks.  I was (I am) exhausted, but we're almost there.  As a girl at the mall told me yesterday, "Girrrl, you bout to pop."  'Tis true.  Sorry I've been a little MIA here in blog world (and communicating otherwise)'s been a busy week and seems as though it will continue to be so.  We're almost done with the nursery (thanks to a sweet baby shower on Sunday thrown by my mom's friends), except for a few tiny details...can't wait to show you guys.

Baby turban.

My mom sent this over the other day.  Hilarious and really, really adorable.  Perhaps Eloise can wear one in honor of the red ones the bridesmaids wore in my mom and dad's wedding.  I wish I were joking...see for yourself.  

{Baby turban is from an amazing knitting site called Pickles.  Sadly, my mom said that pattern isn't in English yet, but the site has other great patterns worth checking out!}

Snow, snow, snow, snoooowww...

Our Christmas tree is on, I'm drinking hot chocolate and looking at the snow on the ground.  Absolutely nothing better to wake up to this time of year.  The excitement due to the combination of the snow and my baby shower later today has left me unable to get back to sleep.  But, I can't say I mind right now.  :) {Image found here}

Flying on etsy

Just spotted this while searching for something else on etsy.  It's a framed butterfly collage.  Pretty cool.

Chain gang.

I love myself some chunky, colorful, fun jewelry.   I really do.  But when it comes down to it, I still love the look of these classic, simple necklaces as well (or a combo of the two!).

{All via Tiffanys: Elsa Peretti alphabet necklace; Scooter Charm and ChainPaloma Picasso love pendant; Paloma's Hammered Circle Pendant;  ABC Baby Cup Charm and Chain}

Niece and nephew.

I stole these pics from my mom and brother (that's my brother in the second photo with William).  I really heart my niece and nephew..they're so cute.  We decorated the tree at my parent's house last night with Rosie's help and enthusiasm.  She decorated the left side mostly.  And by the end it looked like that side might tip over...multiple ornaments were hanging on each branch.  haha.  So, I think she might like Christmas as much as me.  And I can't tell you how happy that makes my heart.  I think we're going to be Christmas buddies.  :)


You could get these plates.  

And these mugs.  

And then these calling cards to match.
{Via MadeByGirl}


I'm not usually a fan of hand tattoos (although I do like them in general :), but I think this one is so cool for some reason.  I believe it says "baker."  I like the combo of the girly outfit and her tattooed hand. {Via Creature Comforts}

35 and a day.

I wish I could say that I've been feeling great recently, but to be honest, I've been pretty exhausted and have a fair amount of back and rib pain.  And dare I say a little emotional.  Baking a baby is some serious business, peeps.  :)  The fun part is that she's been kicking a lot, which is hilarious and slightly uncomfortable all at the same time.  I wish we could know what she's doing in there...having a bit of a dance party, maybe?
p.s.  Today I used an old gift certificate for a prenatal massage and it was one of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced.  I don't know which part was better...the massage or lying on my stomach for the first time in months.  They have this awesome wedge thing for your belly.  I was in absolute heaven.  Highly recommended.

Grreeat book.

I keep meaning to post about this book.  I'm slightly obsessed.  It makes me so excited for my future profession...Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis(by Lisa Sanders).  If you like medicine at all, or if you even like mysteries (she wrote the Mystery Diagnosis column for The New York Times and she consults for House, M.D.), you'll probably enjoy this book.  Such a good read.

So clutch. :)

I've been drooling over these books ever since I saw them in the Austin Anthro.  And now they're finally on-line!  Quite pretty.  I'm still not sure if I can bring myself to put down that much on a book for show, though.

{Anthropologie Clothbound Penguin Classics for Children}