Monday, December 6, 2010

Stroller love.

I had so much fun at the baby shower hosted by Zach's family last Saturday.  Honestly, isn't everything so adorable when it's tiny and pink?  Eloise will be wearing a pink fur jacket with her leopard print pants (with a cat on the booty, mind you) at some point soon.  Seriously, only when you're a baby.  :)  But, anyways...we got our stroller and car seat from Zach's parents!  This is what they look like together.  So exciting.  I know you guys were just dying to see (please sense sarcasm).  Also, that blanket hanging over the crib was knit for Zach by his great-grandmother over 30 years ago...very sweet.


  1. Oh, its all coming together so nicely!! Thanks for the Saipua link. I'm going to try my best to remember to check up on the giveaways often. Otherwise I'll have to make something myself :)


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