Thursday, December 30, 2010

38 weeks and two, count it, two days!

Wowza, it's been a while since I last posted.  It's been a busy week or so, in the best of ways.  Christmas was fun (personally, I like to think it's not over :).  It was snowy and white and absolutely beautiful.  And Zach's been home from work most of the week...also very fun.  And now we are waiting.  And waiting.  For this little baby to arrive.  I'm trying to be patient.  We're still 11 days from her due date.  But our bags are packed.  Her clothes are washed.  And I am so ready and so not ready all at the same time.  Are you ever really completely ready?  I'm not so sure.  Other than the normal discomforts and exhaustion, though, I'm in so much less pain than I've been for the past few months (since she has officially dropped).  Which makes these last weeks much more fun.  Either way, I'm in a whirlwind of emotions.  Our lives are about to change completely...for the better...but completely.  :)  Oh me, oh my.

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