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Eloise wasn't much into sleeping today.  She took one twenty minute nap this afternoon and other than that, she was up, up, up!  Up and interactive, which is quite fun.  I got a real smile from her this morning.  So exciting.  Then I came in to check on her in the crib and here she was, cooing and gazing at Wombie.  Every once in a while, she would reach her little hand out to touch him.  I know it wasn't intentional, but man was it cute.

I like em.

My glasses.  I like them.  I really do!  Such a relief! :)


Pretty excited to order some Chewbeads.  I'd heard the name before, but somehow had forgotten about them until I watched the Martha Stewart baby shower show this morning (which was really fun).  Chewbeads are necklaces made of silicone so babies can chew on them when they're teething and pull on them without breaking.  Even though Eloise isn't teething, she does pull on my necklaces (and hair) with a mad crazy grip already.  So, I'm planning on trying one of the Jane necklaces, which are super cute layered.  Trying to decide between stormy grey and violet at the moment.

MSW Spring Issue.

Every time I head to the bookstore and scan the newest Martha Stewart Weddings, I attempt to convince myself to look, not purchase.  These past few issues (okay, maybe more), I've left unsuccessful.  But they're always full of the sweetest eye candy.  This issue has an amazing section on all the unique options in calligraphy.  And features on my favorites, Cheree Berry and Livia Cetti?  Done, thank you very much.

Paci Love.

[This is the product photo, not Eloise.  Just in case you thought she grew really fast. :)]
Eloise loves her pacis.  And as a result we love her pacis, too.  I was a little wary of them in the beginning, scared she would have problems nursing because of them.  But, alas, she doesn't and now they keep us somewhat sane.  We use pacifier clips to keep us even more sane, so they're not falling all over the floor.  Spotted yesterday...I love this sweet version!
{HABA Blossom Pacifier Clip}

Love and Honor.

I have a LOT of pride in my alma mater (Miami of Ohio).  Probably a slightly obnoxious amount, if you ask my husband.  So, I'm thinking this Little Saplings teether might be a way to start the brainwashing early.

{Little Ohio State Teething Toy via Pregnancy & Newborn}


Is this not so cool for a kid?

{Faux Colorful Canopy via OhDeeDoh}

Flutter flower.

Excited to put E in this sweet dress and matching hat this summer, thanks to cousin Morgan!  Thanks bunches!

{Baby Gap Flutter Flower Dress}

Knit Cap.

Cookie knit Eloise this adorable pink vintage baby cap (Pattern from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies).  It's so cute I can barely stand it.  And there's a sweet sweater (Pattern from  Vintage Baby Knits) to match, which will fit her this spring.  Oh, yes...and please note double chin.

Baby Find #9.

Boon Grass Drying Rack (other Boon products are really fun as well).  I registered for this because we needed one (we don't have a dishwasher) and because I thought it was cute.  It's not just cute, though...this thing works really well!  Bottles and all those accessories can be a little hard to get completely dry, but the grass "blades" keep everything in place upside down, no matter what the shape or size, so they dry really quickly.  Which makes my life much, much easier.  Especially when down time is hard to come by.
p.s.  If you're expecting, check out Nina's great post on maternity wear and Alanna's list of her favorite baby basics!

Cookie's day.

Happy Birthday, Cookie!!  
You're the best mom and friend a girl could ask you oodles!  :)

Classy Glassy.

Just saw these Warby Parker glasses over on Making it Lovely...just a few days too late!  Super fun retro frames. For a really good price (it includes lenses!).  And they give a pair away for every one you buy!
{Warby Parker Zaag, Miles, and Winston styles}

Happy Birthday!

Happy One Month Birthday, sweet baby girl!  We love you so've been a blessing beyond anything we ever could have imagined!

Side pony.

Might try this cute messy side pony from the tutorial on A Cup of Joe, inspired by J.Crew's spring lookbook.  I love myself a pouffy pony.

twigs & honey.

Can't get over these gorgeous hair pieces and veils by Twigs & Honey (and images by Elizabeth Messina).
{Via StyleMePretty}

I mean, seriously.

Does it get much cuter?  A retro looking baby swim cap and suit??

{Janie and Jack Swimwear}

Quick progression...

...from an almost smile to a full out wail. :)
Whoops.  Poor thing.
{DwellStudio Stuffed Owl; DwellStudio Zinnia Bedding}

Baby Find #8.

The 3 Marthas Moses Basket from The Land of Nod (Seriously, I don't get paid to talk about Land of Nod stuff.).  This was a gift from my aunt and cousin.  I hadn't really considered getting one at first, but now I know how great they are!  Eloise slept in this the whole time we stayed at my parents house while Zach was gone.  Right now we keep it in the family room under our coffee table and we can pull it out so she can sleep when we have company.  Or anytime for that matter.  We have a bassinet in our bedroom, but I know many people use these for the first few months every night.  
Added bonus: it's super cute in photos. :)

Baby Find #7.

Aden + Anais Burpy sets from The Land of Nod (the swaddle blankets are great, too).  They're really cute and super functional (they're larger than they look in the photos).  These are burp clothes that are actually shaped like your shoulder (not as common as you'd think) and with one little snap they become a bib on a baby or toddler.  I use them on Eloise all the time.  And I think she kind of looks hilariously cute wearing one.

Baby Find #6.

Womb bear.  You've GOT to get yourself a womb bear (he attaches to baby's crib and sounds like a womb).  We love this thing.  It helps little E fall asleep and I like the fact that I can hear something in the monitor (which reassures me that the monitor is working, so my paranoid self doesn't have to go in and check on her five times an hour).  Womb bear just has womb sounds, so if you're looking for something with a few more options, Sleep Sheep is your guy.  :)


I'm finally getting some new glasses.  It's been a few years.  Considering all the late night dates with my daughter and the massive amount of studying to come in the next few years (come June), new glasses are a requirement.  Seriously, though, my eyes were dilated while I picked them out.  I haven't had that done in a long time.  It was hilarious.  Hence the reason these are the most awkward and disgusting photos ever (seriously.).  I couldn't see anything up close.  The lady that helped me was wearing really cute ones herself and I trusted her to help me pick some out.  And honestly, it takes me about an hour to even get out of the house right now, so I wasn't about to make any more trips to the office.  I thought the first pair could be fun, funky menswear-ish ones (with big lenses for studying) and the second my more normal pair with a little flair (by Norma Kamali).  I really hope I like them just as much when my eyes are working right.  :)  If not,…

4 weeks!

Can't believe this baby girl will be four weeks old tomorrow!!
Four weeks ago today we didn't know what life was like with her, and now I can't imagine what life would be like without her...  :)

Modern Pop.

Have fun checking out all the prints by Modern Pop on etsy (via OhDeeDoh).  Here are a few of my favorites.

{Little Number Garden Print}

{Animal Alphabet Print}

V-day love.

Zach and I had our first night out sans Eloise this past Sunday, celebrating Valentine's Day with my brother and sister-in-law and some friends.  Although we missed our little El Belle, we definitely enjoyed the evening together (and my parents survived watching all three grandkids!).  Sweet, special and quite entertaining.  Here's to our fourth Valentine's Day how time flies.  Love you, Valentine!

Awake to Nap.

Eloise got this book for her dad for Valentine's Day.  :)  It's by the same artist who did the poster hanging in our living room.  She ordered it from The Reform School.  Obviously she's very advanced.
{Awake to Nap by Nikki McClure}


These were in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living...pretty cute, huh?  And kind of a fun, modern take on something so classic.

Second Appointment.

Here's a quick update from our second well check this morning: Eloise Anne weighs a whopping 8 pounds 11 ounces (her birthweight was 7.71).  Zach and had our own bet going and we both guessed under!  Eating is not a problem for this girl (she gets that from her mom :).  She's also grown half an inch...up to 21 inches.  I can't believe she's growing so quickly.  I want her to grow and stay small all at the same time.
Today I find myself still nursing this cold.  Such a bummer when all I want to do is enjoy the day (Zach is off!) and soak in time with baby.  And sleep (it feels so much harder to fall asleep when I'm sick).  She's apparently going through a growth spurt...she wants to eat all the time and for sure lets us know when it's time.  Which can be wearing when your body is already a little puttered out.  But I'm incredibly happy it doesn't seem to be the flu, and she doesn't seem to be getting sick herself.  And also incredibly thankful I ca…


Not gonna lie, I don't think I'll ever actually be proactive enough to print Valentine Fruit Stickers and use them, but they're stinking adorable.  And the download is free!
{Via Twig & Thistle via A Cup of Joe}

Mom and babe.

Update:  Totally ended up getting an awesome nap, with a sweet sleeping baby on my chest, at that.  And this exhaustion, just to let you's hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

I write this as I watch little E, waiting for her to fall asleep after feeding.  This may or may not happen.  She is currently making grunting noises and staring at the dots on her Moses basket.  :) The minute she is officially asleep, I will make my way there as well.  Oh, friends...I believe this week I have reached the point of true exhaustion.  I'm still enjoying everything but simply getting used to a new routine and missing connecting with friends like I'm normally used to.  And my body seems to be fighting off some kind of cold.  Hoping for a fast turnaround.   
Seems as though that sleep won't be to snuggle this baby for a bit.  :)

More hoops!

Remember swatch portraits?  Well, OhDeeDoh has compiled some examples and you can catch Eloise's room on there.  I love all the different looks you can achieve from one idea!  And honestly, still one of the simplest crafts I've ever done.