Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm finally getting some new glasses.  It's been a few years.  Considering all the late night dates with my daughter and the massive amount of studying to come in the next few years (come June), new glasses are a requirement.  Seriously, though, my eyes were dilated while I picked them out.  I haven't had that done in a long time.  It was hilarious.  Hence the reason these are the most awkward and disgusting photos ever (seriously.).  I couldn't see anything up close.  The lady that helped me was wearing really cute ones herself and I trusted her to help me pick some out.  And honestly, it takes me about an hour to even get out of the house right now, so I wasn't about to make any more trips to the office.  I thought the first pair could be fun, funky menswear-ish ones (with big lenses for studying) and the second my more normal pair with a little flair (by Norma Kamali).  I really hope I like them just as much when my eyes are working right.  :)  If not, well...such is life.


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