Friday, February 11, 2011

Second Appointment.

Here's a quick update from our second well check this morning:
Eloise Anne weighs a whopping 8 pounds 11 ounces (her birthweight was 7.71).  Zach and had our own bet going and we both guessed under!  Eating is not a problem for this girl (she gets that from her mom :).  She's also grown half an inch...up to 21 inches.  I can't believe she's growing so quickly.  I want her to grow and stay small all at the same time.

Today I find myself still nursing this cold.  Such a bummer when all I want to do is enjoy the day (Zach is off!) and soak in time with baby.  And sleep (it feels so much harder to fall asleep when I'm sick).  She's apparently going through a growth spurt...she wants to eat all the time and for sure lets us know when it's time.  Which can be wearing when your body is already a little puttered out.  But I'm incredibly happy it doesn't seem to be the flu, and she doesn't seem to be getting sick herself.  And also incredibly thankful I can call my dad and quickly find out which meds to take.  Because that helps tremendously.

Maybe I will get a few of my goals done today...deciding on and ordering birth announcements, writing thank yous to the amazing people who helped with her birth, reading my Bible, taking some real photos of E (not on my phone), and finally getting to talk to Befrie.  Hope these happen.


  1. Feel better Colleen! I'm glad she's doing so well and growing so fast (although also of course a little sad to see her grow so fast)!


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