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Our activities.

These past ten days they have included...

...lots of cuddling...

...a trip to Target...

...a traumatic first bath...

...and just some plain old hanging out.
And we've enjoyed every minute.  Right now we're at my parents while Zach travels in Europe for work.  Big sad face.

Growing up.

Eloise is only ten days old and it feels like she's already growing SO fast.  I can't believe it.   Truly trying to soak in every single minute while looking forward to what's to come.  We had our first appointment the other day and she's already surpassed her birth seems we might have a chunker on our hands.  Either way, her growth is going to be more fun to track because of this sweet, sweet gift we received (I apologize for the bad pics) from one of the ladies at The Land of Nod.  Seriously, I've talked about how much I like the products, but all the people that work there are incredibly nice as well.  Thanks Land of Nod! 
{Land of Nod Flowers Growth Chart}

Book Prints.

Heart these majorly.
{Janemount Bookshelf Prints on etsy via Matchbook}

Shimmer Glimmer.

LOVE this look from J. Crew (don't look at the price).

Baby Find #5

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.  I'd never heard of this before we got it as a gift (thanks, Amanda!) and it has become my best friend.   You can keep track of the last time you fed or changed your baby...a lifesaver when you're a zombie in the middle of the night.  And also wonderful when you're trying to keep track of everything to take to the pediatrician for your first appointment (tomorrow for us! :).  

Yarn it.

I want to learn how to make these yarn balls.  I do not know where I would put them, but they are in one word: awesome.
{via nienie}


This is our sweet pea.  I'm in love.  Here she was having some kind of wonderful dream (she doesn't smile at us yet) the other day.  Most likely it involved milk. 
I plan to share the actual birth story as soon as I can.  But I'm so enjoying this time as a family together, getting into some kind of routine and learning how to love this little one, so I'll just be posting a few random things every once and a while for now.  
In these past few days, I've found myself smiling more than I ever have before.  So much joy on top of our already existing joys.

She's here.

Eloise Anne arrived this past Friday, January 21, 2011 at 5:47 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 7.1 oz and 20.5 inches long.  We're overjoyed to finally have her in our arms.  Can't wait to share more details later on, but what I can tell you is that the labor and delivery were not only better than I expected (although different), but overall an incredible experience.  I've never before felt God's love in such a tangible way as I did throughout the whole day.  And the instant love for this baby is overwhelming.  Incredibly overwhelming in the most wonderful way.  Thanks for all the love and support.  :)

41 weeks.

This was on Monday at exactly 41 weeks.  Don't I look thrilled to be overdue?  :)  Today, still no sign of Eloise.  We've been waiting and waiting in hopes of not being induced, but it seems as though she's a bit stubborn.  So, the plan is to be induced this Friday morning if she doesn't come beforehand.  A little different than planned, but very exciting to know she'll be here quite soon!

Baby Find #4.

his sweet baby book, the Hello Baby! Baby Journal (again, by Hello! Lucky) from The Land of Nod.  It feels sweetly vintage with these classic little illustrations!  And I love the fact that it's not huge and complicated.  I know I sadly wouldn't keep up with something too complicated.  This book has blanks for your responses rather than a bunch of scary open pages.  And, it has a cute growth chart to take out in the back.  Oh, yes...and I appreciate the price.  Love much.

{There it is in Eloise's bookshelf in photo one; photo two from The Land of Nod}

Drop Caps.

e thinks I'll start using these awesome Daily Drop Cap letters (by  Jessica Hische) in my posts from now on.  They're free for personal blogging!  I only wish I had discovered them sooner!

Pink swallows.

Just saw these on Making It Lovely and now I want them.  Pretty perfect.  I can think of many places they could go.
{Art School Dropout pink Swallow Set}

I like you.

I can't wait to read this to Eloise (I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg).  I couldn't help but pick it up a few weeks ago, simply because Aleza and Justin had Nina read it at their wedding.  A sweet book with sweet memories attached.
{Photo by Christina Houle -}

It's the little things.

I know it's just a coin purse.  I get that.  But it brings me a little joy every time I grab my keys.  Nothing like a little pink to brighten the day.  That and the fact that I never lose my keys in my purse.  :)
{Similar Kate Spade Coin Purse}

Farouche...more snazzy prints.

I like these fun prints by farouche on etsy.

{The Trick is to Keep Breathing}

{Follow Your Heart}

{Happy Happy}

Home run.

Did you guys see Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes (in Armani Prive)?  I think she always looks incredible, but she totally hit it out of the park (well, she and Rachel Zoe) last night.  The whole look was perfect.
{Image found here}

Baby Find #3

This awesome bookshelf (Kids' Shelves Kids White Wall Book Bin - White Wall Book Bin) from The Land of Nod.  I heart this thing.  It's really adorable in person.  And when you don't happen to have room for a regular bookshelf, it's a perfect solution.  I think I also love the way it shows off all the fun books you receive.  I've found that although it's not huge, it holds a ton more than I thought it would!   Here's the photo from the site and a few photos from Eloise's nursery.

Movie time.

Just saw The King's Speech with my mom and sister-in-law this evening.  Highly, highly recommend it.  I'd say it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while.


Can't wait to take a peek at this cute book, Handmade Weddings (from the ladies of Hello! Lucky), next time I head to the bookstore!

Snazzy Prints.

Looking for some cute nursery prints to share with a are some favorites so far...

{Stacked Dogs by trendypeas on etsy}

{Custom Birth Print by trendypeas on etsy}

{Letterpress Numbers by Sycamore Street Press}

{Paris by Binth}

{Custom Alphabet by The Paper Tray on etsy}

{Owlphabet by Gingiber on etsy}

Out and about.

Yesterday we decided that it was time to get out.  Time to get our minds off Eloise's anticipated arrival.  We've been trying to the past few weeks, we really have, but sometimes it's just easier said than done.  So, last night we made a plan that included more than just a meal out.  Japanese food, Barnes and Noble (so we couldn't fall asleep at home...we're just that cool), and watching Brian Lee and The Swamp Tigers (the band Zach normally plays with) at The Hangar 9.  We forced ourselves and if I do say so myself, it was lots of fun.  Sometimes it just takes a little determination.  :)

{Here we are.  Eloise enjoyed the music, I'm sure.}

Baby waiting.

No baby yet.  I am so doing my best to be patient.  So I'll blog about this cute raincoat.  I'd like a new one this spring (My favorite Patty finally died).  This has a removable hood and great patterns.  And toggles, so you don't have to zip.  I figure baby means practicality.  Cute practicality, that is.  This can protect me from rain and spit-up!  It's from Boden (cute, cute stuff.).


I love mobiles.  But I know they can be expensive.  And a bit of investment.  
Today I spotted a few that are really cheap!  Easy to make!  Super Cute for a nursery!  Or any room in your house, for that matter.  I find them quite exciting. I'm considering making one (probably the second one) to hang on each side of our bed over the nightstands.

{This one is from Prudent Baby via OhDeeDoh.  It requires knowing how to tie a knot.}

{This one from Martha Stewart.  Its most complicated material is double-sided tape.}

Birdie walls.

This wallpaper is oh, so awesome.  It's also oh, so expensive.

{Anthropologie Loft Larks Wallpaper via Making It Lovely}

Scratch it off.

{Scratch Map from Uncommon Goods}
These are so cool (I first saw one on A Cup of Joe).  I think Megan needs one.  :)

40 plus.

Well, now she's just being stubborn.  40 weeks and a day.

Glitter Cake.

Pier One has yet again come out with glitter cupcakes for the coming holiday.  This time, Valentine's Day.  Thank you dear store.  A-cloched is the wee little strawberry topped glitter cake.  It brings me joy.  Also, that white owl next to it was from my mom for Christmas.  It too brings me joy.
Hope you all are enjoying your day.  We woke up to snow, which made me smile.  And we are now one day past our due date, which is oh, so odd feeling.  No news to be given.  Although I do believe this would be a lovely day to be born.


Can't wait for this to come out.  It's a children's book about Audrey Hepburn's life, with the most gorgeous illustrations.  Sweet as sweet can be.
{Just Being Audrey via The Neotraditionalist}