Wednesday, January 19, 2011

41 weeks.

This was on Monday at exactly 41 weeks.  Don't I look thrilled to be overdue?  :)  Today, still no sign of Eloise.  We've been waiting and waiting in hopes of not being induced, but it seems as though she's a bit stubborn.  So, the plan is to be induced this Friday morning if she doesn't come beforehand.  A little different than planned, but very exciting to know she'll be here quite soon!


  1. Girl, I don't know if anyone told you- but you are PREGNANT! Dang... I'm impressed you are standing up carrying her around. And I'll be sure to have a talk with her in a few years and make sure she draws you a nice apology card for the trouble you're going through. I'm glad the wait is nearly over! You are awesome!!

  2. You can do it! I had to be induced both times and while it wasn't my plan either time it worked out just fine. Still praying for you :)


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