Monday, January 10, 2011


I heart The Land of Nod.  Quite obvious if you've seen Eloise's nursery or one of the many posts that includes their stuff.  I'm slightly obsessed.  Because everything we've gotten is super fun and cute.  And I think the prices are pretty great.  And that they have a really great mix of items.  Also, their website and registry are a breeze.  This being said, imagine how pleased I was today when I found out that they have a blog, Honest to Nod.  So fun.  Today there was a little ditty on E's room (p.s.  they're now selling the same bedding!), which left me pretty delighted.  I plan on posting more specifics on some of the things we've gotten from the store, and not at all because of the blog post.  :)


  1. Look at you Blog master!! This thing is blowing up!!



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