Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bump time.

Joanna Goddard (from A Cup of Joe) has done a post on maternity wear, for those who might be interested.  I never ordered anything from ASOS, but I kind of wished I would have now.  Here are my posts on maternity finds as well.  A few added things I wish I would have either known or followed advice on or simply liked...

1.  I wouldn't have bought so many maternity clothes at the beginning.  Some (it is nice to have a stretchy panel while your waistline grows), but not as much.  I got excited.  I didn't end up needing a lot of it until later on.  At which point I might have gotten different things.  And you may or may not end up changing sizes.

2.  A lot of people say to buy a size up and wear those things through your second trimester.  And I thought that was bogus, but if I would have followed this advice, I would have many more shirts that I could still wear in a few weeks (I don't think non-maternity pants would have worked for me, though).  Ann Taylor Loft is a good place even to buy things in your normal size...for some reason a lot of their stuff is quite long.

3.  I would have bought one very nice pair of full panel jeans.  I went back and forth on this.  I ended up buying one pair of full panel that only worked length-wise with flats and the rest with lower panels, so I can't wear the full panel now that it's cold.  The demi panel is wonderful for quite a bit, but you can only pull your pants up so much in the end.  I'd have invested in a special pair early on for the whole pregnancy.

4.  With that said, though...wear your skinnies if you like them.  I do not regret the purchase of my maternity skinny jeans and jeggings.  Because, when you have a huge belly, it feels nice to have a skinnier leg.  And to wear boots.  

5.  T-Shirts are awesome.  By the end, you definitely need maternity shirts unless you want your awesome panels and belly showing.  And tees and tanks are amazing because they're cheaper and then you can wear cute non-maternity cardigans and jackets.  

6.  It's nice to invest in one or two dresses or nice blouses (also here) if you can.  It may feel a bit ridiculous, but they have their place.  Nothing like feeling like a frump at the end only to realize you have nothing to wear to a dinner out (I found a great maternity dress at Target the other day for $5 to wear on a date).

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