Friday, September 28, 2012


* A wonderful trip to Chicago last weekend (photos below).  Without Eloise.  Missed her but it was very nice.  And we ate looots of good food.
* Also, during which we went to The Land of Nod store.  First time I saw all the products in person.  It did not disappoint one bit.
* I'm currently in my elective rotation, Endocrinology (translation: lots of diabetes and thyroids).  And I like it.  It's really interesting.  And the schedule is nice.  Surgery rotation will begin in 4 weeks.
* Eloise is VERY energetic right now.  Which means she's very entertaining.  It also means she is testing our/her limits as well.  It's trying and fun at the same time.
* I started reading the Hunger Games in Chicago.  Holy cow, it's good.  Everyone had told me that, but after seeing the movie, I became even more motivated to read it.  Can't wait to read more...
* I'm finally starting to see the light with PA school.  There are still quite a few days when I feel down and discouraged (there is still SO much to learn), but overall, I enjoy clinic.  Which means that even though I miss Eloise, it makes it at least a little easier to be away.  Also, time is going so quickly.  I'm now in rotation 4 of 9.
* Rotation 4/9 means I will be getting a job in less than a year.  Uuummm, eeeeks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

La la la la... la la la, Elmo's song...
Our little one is obsessed with Elmo from her head down to her toes.

Oh, my, you guys.  I'm exhausted.  To the nth degree.  And now my body is rebelling against me.  I'm nyquiling it up as we speak so I can be ready clinic tomorrow and studying all weekend.  On a fun note, though, I got to help deliver a baby last weekend...

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