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Birday partee!!

Had a small family birthday party for Ellie on Saturday.  She woke up that day and knew from the decorations that we were celebrating.  And she had a lot of fun.  Two sets of grandparents in one place...yes, please.  She got that table and chair set below from Zach's parents and refused to get up, hence the reason she is in it in almost all of the pics.  My brother literally carried her in it to the dining room. And the girl likes cake.  The next morning, the first thing she asked for was more cake.  Naturally.

{p.s. Used this link to make tablecloth.  Most products from Shop Sweet Lulu or Target.  My mom made the lovely cake and toppers.  And the invite is from Paper by Paperless post (you can pay a few dollars to receive a paper copy of your evite, which is fun)}.

Pretty, pretty.

You know how I've fallen in love with my new bag?  Well, I'm still pretty obsessed with it.  It's been the perfect bag for clinic, motherhood, and in general.  But, if you happen to be looking for something a little smaller and still incredibly adorable, you should take a peek at the first two bags.  I LOVE that iPad bag...and I'm still totally amazed by how gorgeous these colors are.  That last bag...I just threw that in because it's gorgeous. :)
{Kate Spade - Clarke, Jordan, and Tamera}

How we celebrated.

How we celebrated her day.
It was fun to get everything ready for a little birthday breakfast the night before.  We put balloons in her room to wake up to.   My expectations: wake up to daughter in monitor squealing in delight when she sees balloons.  Reality:  She kind of noticed they were there.

The number balloons are HUGE.  Holy cow.  It barely fits in the doorway.  {Party City, btw...thanks, Mayumi!}

Birthday pancakes. No need to blow out the candles before eating.

Absolute delight when singing Happy Birthday to her.  That was fun.  I love her smile in that picture.  She also really liked these milk bottles {Shop Sweet Lulu} to drink from.  So did her shirt.

Spent some time with my dad and the chickens.  "I wike chickens," she told him. Then, opening gifts.  She was a little confused whether it was Christmas or her birthday.  She also requested to watch "Elmo Saves Christmas."  And we did.  Because it was her birthday, and because you will never have to convi…

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eloise Anne!

Today.  Your 2nd Birthday.

Wow.  Just two years ago right now we were in the hospital, after what seemed like years of waiting for you.  I was in labor, and just about three hours away from your arrival.  And then the world changed, in the best of ways.  Miss Eloise, you have continually been the greatest joy and the most amazing blessing to us.  Our love for you is as deep as the ocean, as wide as the world is round.  Vast beyond measure, and only growing.  It's a visceral, gut-wrenching love.  No matter what you do, this will never, ever change.  You have given me the tiniest glimpse into the intensity of God's love for us, and for that I'm so thankful. 
I've seen this quote around...I have no idea where it came from (I should look that up), but it says, "You are our greatest adventure."  That's so true.  Nothing compares.  You are so fun and such a delight.    And currently, such a pistol.  Even in your crabbiest moments, you're still entertaining…

Simple and chic monograms.

I've fallen a little in love with all of these classic monogram Mark & Graham pieces.  Simple and pretty.  That is all.  Signet rings and the Lia necklace are probably my favs.  And maybe this, too (monogram + name of babes).

To the new year...

I've been wanting to write a post about life.  Because I haven't written a real post that involves more than a few words in a long while.  But every time I want to, I find myself kind of exhausted and burnt.  Wanting to write, but feeling a bit at a loss.  So, I'm going to try.  And I warn you, it may not flow.
I've been sick this weekend.  The consequences of encountering a whole lot of people with pneumonia and other bugs recently.  And I've been a total baby about it.  I know it.  I know this because I've spent the past week and a half seeing actual sick people in the hospital.  People who can barely breathe anymore.  People who are having to decide if they want to go on Hospice or continue treatment.  Not all patients are like this, but many.  It's incredibly sad.  I can't think about it too much or it makes me sick to my stomach.  I enjoy the hospital environment, but spending more than a rotation (or two - geriatrics still to come) there might be…

Blinded by the light.

Have you guys SEEN the new light collection Young House Love is doing for Shades of Light?  Holy cow.  I love them all.  Each and every one.  They're all under $100, too.  Impressive.

Perfect bag.

So, you know when you find that perfect bag, and you're like, myyy this is glorious. Yeah? I found one. Got it for Christmas (okay, maybe I asked for it early...). Anyways, I'm in love. It's fun and green. It's made of pretty, soft leather. And it has a removable cross-body strap. Necessary with toddler, but happily removable for a date night. It also has this fun zip pocket that holds an iPad or notebook. And closes with a simple flap.

Name? Kate Spade Little Minka (some colors on sale). I don't believe this color is out anymore, but they now have the brightest pink and a lovely mint color!