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Let's just say...

...I've really enjoyed California so far. We're on our second half of vacation right now in San Diego after a few days in LA. I will write more later, but here are a few pictures to give you a small taste. Yes, that is Gwyneth Paltrow.


I want to know what goes on in a mind like this. A mind that is constantly producing beautiful things. By Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.


As of last month, I am tattoo-ed. It was a kind of back and forth process trying to figure out what to get and how to get it, but now it's done. I chose the word "grace" because the concept of grace is something the Lord has continually been bringing up in my life, reminding me that His grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9). That I can't earn His salvation. That I have nothing else to boast in but Christ crucified. I pray and pray that the Lord would continue to teach me what it means to walk in His grace daily. I'm hoping this will do just a small part in reminding me. And, on a lighter note, do you know what was an even more complicated process than deciding on what to get? Getting a stinking picture of it where a. my armpit doesn't look disgusting or b. where my flab doesn't look, well, flabby. haha. So here is the best we could get.


We're watching the latest episode of Glee at this moment, which means checking up on What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? to find out where all her cute clothes came from! Although these aren't the clothes from the actual episode, I ended up finding these fun things from the links.

All of these are from Stella and Dot. And then a cute skirt from J.Crew below.

Even the little things.

If you possess an Anthro card from Anthropologie (which you should...keep reading. I promise it's not a credit card.), you will receive a discount on one purchase each year during your birthday month. It's for a whopping 15% off, which is a lot of money when you're shopping at this glorious mecca. I plan to use it very wisely. Anyways, point being...I'm constantly amazed by their attention to detail. Just LOOK at this (sorry for the blurry pic). It a cupcake, punch-holed on cardstock, with a plastic candle necklace! Seriously, who thinks of these things??

Friends are fun.

We had a lovely Sunday night birthday celebration. Thanks, ladies!

Be prepared.

Thanks to birthday time, I'm a little more prepared for PA school than I was just a week ago. I now own a white coat (thanks, Danielle!) and a super duper Current Diagnosis book (thanks, Pops!). Oh, the intense fear and excitement!


There's nothing like a three-year-old to make a birthday celebration extra special. Rosie was brimming with birthday cheer the moment we stepped in the door. It felt lovely and springy since my mom had the screen porch set up for favorite. It was quite fun. And, we wore special party hats made by Rosie (and maybe her mom helped a little), along with our party outfits and "cessories" (see above). I'm so thankful for my family.

And yet another fun surprise.

I can't wait to finish this fun book by Molly Wizenberg (of the blog Orangette) from another sweet friend. This gift made me feel so loved. :)

Good read #2.

Although I've read The Namesake, I hadn't yet made it to Unaccustomed Earth, the collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. It came highly recommended and I was able to finish it on our trip. I enjoyed it thoroughly...the only problem I had was getting too attached to the characters, then having to leave them for new ones!

Sweet surprises.

I received these in the mail from a sweet friend :) for my birthday. I think they are the most beautiful earrings I have ever owned. I imagine I will be wearing them quite often (I already have). Little did this friend know I desired this same exact pair...Oh, kindred spirits (I'm watching Anne of Green Gables right now...forgive me). Thanks, Lez.

Yes, please.

I'd like one of each! Found these cute little thingamajiggers made out of vintage fabrics on the RockPaperScissors blog.

Now, off to the BEACH! :)

Animal Bunting?

Yes. I know these are pieces of paper bags with animals on them. But aren't they cute??!! (on etsy via Simplesong)

We made it!

My feet touched the sand...all is well. Tomorrow I will lay out on that beautiful white sand (alone, sadly) and read until my eyes can take no more!

Pure Joy.

What's better than a cake stand? A CUPCAKE stand! That's right. These "petite treats" from Rosanna, Inc. are to die for. The attention I give to cake stands would lead you to believe I make cake a lot more than I really do...I heart them.

Oh, yes.

Yet another nod to the mukka via A Cup of Joe.


"Do you know what? We are going to seduce them. We're going to seduce them with our square footage, and our discounts, and our deep armchairs, and...our cappuccino."
-"You've Got Mail"

Recently, I've invested a fair sliver of each morning in the art of cappuccino-making. We registered for the little Bialetti Mukka below for our wedding and I was elated when we actually received it!! My first efforts were fruitless, so I recently decided it was worth trying again. And I'm so glad I did. Let me preface...the Mukka is VERY moody. Not a speck of grounds can be out of place without resulting in spittled espresso all over the stove. But, when executed perfectly, this little guy makes one heck of a cappuccino. I am slowly coming to around a 75% success rate, with hopes of improvement. I know these are just frothy milk and coffee, but man, they make my mornings so much sweeter!

Good Read.

I finally finished this Christmas gift by Michelle Maisto last night and I would highly recommend it, especially to my food-loving friends.


After a full day worth of driving, we arrived in Niceville, FL last night (right across the bridge from Destin)...Zach is here for work, so my newfound freedom has allowed me to tag along for the week. I haven't even seen the beach yet (planning on that when I have the car tomorrow) but I can FEEL that the air is clearer and everything already seems more beautiful. Even two hours at the beach will bring me great happiness. As well as a few hours at the outlet mall. :)

Farm Table.

I'm in LOVE with this table (from the Hive at 1511...which is the DC dream office of Ritzy Bee, SimpleSong and Kate cool).


Well, it's been a full few weeks...and wonderfully so! :) After getting back from the women's retreat two weekends ago (which was refreshing and lovely all around), I entered into my LAST week of work for a long while. I won't be starting school for close to two months, so here's to freedom! Here are a few highlights of the past few weeks (let me warn you, this is not a cohesive post whatsoever):
A. Women's Retreat...plain old fun and I learned so, so much about God and His wonderful, loving character. Here's a picture of our little traveling group!
B. Bethany's visit...Bethany is one of my very best friends in the whole world. I love every minute I spend with her and this visit was the first time we had seen each other since my wedding (we were married just two weeks apart). We didn't even meet until after college, but I feel as though we've known each other forever. One of my other very best friends in the world (Jordan) and I were roommates…