Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Coat vote.

So, one of the things I get asked about often are jackets and coats.  Instead of sending individual texts from now on, I'll refer to this long post.  Where do I find them?  How do I figure out the sizing? Or, if you're my husband, why do I keep buying them?  Except that Zach is basically equally obsessed with jackets and coats, so we're pretty much even.  😛  Also, why am I writing a post on coats when it is still 90 degrees outside?  I have no answer to that one.  


If you want a sleek coat that can be dressed up easily, Zara is your place.  Mostly, their black jackets and coats.  Because they don't break the bank and they are beautiful.  You can wear them every day if you want to be "just a little bit fancy" (one of Eloise's favorite phrases).  I find they run a little bit small.  They are warm, but they are not made for your harshest winter temps.  Also, they surprisingly last for years.  I passed two (yes, TWO) on my way to class when I studied abroad and then lived close to one when I lived in North Africa.  It was a slight problem.  Needless to say, I just retired those jackets last year (that's a lot of years, folks).

If you want a heavy duty warm winter coat that will last you for years, then J. Crew is probably your best bet.  Read the reviews for sizing.  And don't buy full price.  Those are my biggest pieces of advice.  Also, the newer wool they use is beautiful, but it does pill.  You can remove the pilling in about 10 minutes with one of these, so don't let that keep you from buying. 

For lighter jackets (and vests - vests are the best!!!), I typically go with Anthropologie brands or Madewell Jackets.  Or I look at Nordstrom.  And for super trendy short jackets, I stick to the Who What Wear line at Target and Loft.  For rain jackets specifically, Boden has amazing ones.  I hate rain.  Despise it.  And I also hate umbrellas.  So, I like that Boden's jackets actually have a functioning hood.  Patagonia's Torrentshell Jacket is a powerhouse if you want something more casual (and plan on being active outside).  


Even the most expensive coat in the world will look meh if it doesn't fit.  I do not buy winter coats and jackets from department stores other than Nordstrom.  Why?  Because I am short.  I am curvy and short.  I look like an oompa loompa if my coats and clothes don't fit well.  All of the places I have mentioned either have petite sizes or have styles that fit petite women, and Nordstrom typically has an array or petite sizes.  The main thing I have realized with buying petite sizes are the fit in the shoulder.  Yes, they are shorter in length, but the shoulder width and fit is what makes the biggest difference.  Also, many styles now require you size down.  So, do yourself a favor and buy the correct size.  You may not even be a petite size typically, but if the coat feels boxy, you may want to try a petite option and see if it fits. 

So, now you know way more than you ever, ever wanted to know about how and where I shop for coats.  Favorites below.

This Zara Tweed Coat is the closest to one I bought last year, which I love.  It comes in a cream color as well.  Maybe you can buy the cream if you do not have children.  Or have children who are better behaved than mine.  FYI - Zara stuff rarely goes on sale during the proper season, so don't waste your time waiting. 

Gushing over this one (not gushing over the grease pit hairdos on all of their models?)

And then this one

Anthro Sweater Coat (or this from Zara is similar and cheaper!) - I ended buying this and returning it during their last sale.  Super cute, but looked weird with a bump.  But, it's so warm and cute!

Madewell Fleet Jacket - the only military jacket I have ever worn...

This is the newer version of a Boden raincoat I have, which I get asked about often. (P.S. In my opinion, all of their jackets run small.)

Then there's this shorter version, which would be so cute for travel, hanging out about town. 

This winter coat (the J. Crew Chateau Parka) NEVER gets old to me.  It can be dressed up or down.  I'm on my second color now.  Best to size smaller for this one so it doesn't look overwhelming. I only buy J. Crew coats when they are on sale because they will at some point be at least 30% off.  As long as they don't run out of sizes. 

And this one - I've never gotten one of these, but I've heard good reviews and I'm in love with this color this year.  

Lastly, This vest is on my Christmas list. :)

Happy day, friends!  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Current clothing faves.

Regular blogging, she said, right?  Whoops.  Seriously...I'm trying.  I swear I'll get more consistent.  Anyways...  

Madewell is killing me right now.  The idea of spending more on maternity clothes that won't fit in three months is too much to stand, but I am still running out of stuff to wear, so I decided to try some things on the in the store recently (Holla - store close to home!) and holy cow, they are winning this season.  Madewell is one of those brands that I find doesn't look as cute on the website or hangers as it does in person.  Here were my favorites...Some outer layers to wear over maternity tanks and tees and then a few other tops that can expand. 

This long cardigan.  I typically don't wear long cardigans because of my height, but this one seems to work - I think it must be the weight.  

Look at this you guys.  You are wearing a sweatshirt.  But you look like you are wearing a structured jacket.  BOOM. 

This shirt is incredible. Works with a belly, but would have bought without.  I sized up one size and am looking forward to wearing it after pregnancy as well.  I basically want it in every color.

Resisted this baby for now.  But it's so stinking cute.  It'd be a tunic with the bump for sure, but a dress otherwise.  :)

Also, here are those maternity jeans I keep talking about and wear them the majority of the week.   This was actually my first pair of madewell jeans.  Looking forward to trying some real ones postpartum.

{All photos from Madewell's site}

Other non-maternity clothing that works with the bump or otherwise (some of these are the ones I have posted on IG stories). Also, let's be honest - if it works with a bump, it will work with a mom belly (mom bellies unite!)...
- Caslon sweatshirt and peplum tee (long-sleeve version available now, too!) 
- Basically all of my work shirts have been from The Loft and most of them actually work the first 6- 7 months of pregnancy.  But, again, my favorites otherwise because mom belly and no ironing.  Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Also, for those specifically wanting maternity clothing ideas...
- My favorite maternity tees and tanks hands down from The Gap
- J Brand Mama J Jeans 
- Anything hatch collection - obsessed with their fall collection (but love this top specifically)
-Bodycon dresses from Target

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