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The move.

We've had some questions over the past few weeks as to how the adjustment is going for us.   And I kept meaning to write about it earlier, so here we go.  With a smattering of very high quality photos (kidding). 
Overall, we are doing well.  This is not to say we don't miss people, that everything is absolutely wonderful all the time, etc.   Change is really hard, but it is so good, and so stretching for our lives and our faith.  So, good is my overall answer.

Eloise at the Circle. 
For those of you who don't know the whole story of our move, I'll give you the shortest version possible.  Last fall, Zach was offered a hospital medicine job in Southern Illinois (he had been working at his old engineering job the first few months after graduation from PA school).  This decision was made after much deliberation and prayer and applications were sent out just about everywhere (seriously - we were open to anywhere).  The job in Southern Illinois made the most sense and we de…

Coat vote.

So, one of the things I get asked about often are jackets and coats.  Instead of sending individual texts from now on, I'll refer to this long post.  Where do I find them?  How do I figure out the sizing? Or, if you're my husband, why do I keep buying them?  Except that Zach is basically equally obsessed with jackets and coats, so we're pretty much even.  😛  Also, why am I writing a post on coats when it is still 90 degrees outside?  I have no answer to that one.  
If you want a sleek coat that can be dressed up easily, Zara is your place.  Mostly, their black jackets and coats.  Because they don't break the bank and they are beautiful.  You can wear them every day if you want to be "just a little bit fancy" (one of Eloise's favorite phrases).  I find they run a little bit small.  They are warm, but they are not made for your harshest winter temps.  Also, they surprisingly last for years.  I passed two (yes, TWO) on my way to class when I studied …

Current clothing faves.

Regular blogging, she said, right?  Whoops.  Seriously...I'm trying.  I swear I'll get more consistent.  Anyways...  
Madewell is killing me right now.  The idea of spending more on maternity clothes that won't fit in three months is too much to stand, but I am still running out of stuff to wear, so I decided to try some things on the in the store recently (Holla - store close to home!) and holy cow, they are winning this season.  Madewell is one of those brands that I find doesn't look as cute on the website or hangers as it does in person.  Here were my favorites...Some outer layers to wear over maternity tanks and tees and then a few other tops that can expand. 

This long cardigan.  I typically don't wear long cardigans because of my height, but this one seems to work - I think it must be the weight.  

Look at this you guys.  You are wearing a sweatshirt.  But you look like you are wearing a structured jacket.  BOOM. 

This shirt is incredible. Works with a belly, bu…