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Just a little peek into Eloise's first birthday party with some photos from lovely Joyce, yet again. I can't wait to show you all more!  Eloise had a great time and it was amazing to celebrate her first year (wowza.) with our family and friends!  :)

Land of Nod Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Giveaway is CLOSED.
Giveaway, it's a giveaway!!! $50 Land of Nod Gift Card!
I'm obsessed with The Land of Nod.  I'm sure this is no surprise.  As you know, a whole lot of Eloise's room came from there.  And we continue to loooove, love, love their products.  SO, just recently, they came out with some amazing and adorable new products.  I can't get over how cute the new beddings are...these would have seriously been in the running for EA had they existed then.  And the blue Jenny Lind bed is the perfect shade of aqua, all funky and polished at the same time.  In love.  And, if you happen to like poufs, too, a faux leather (and somewhat cheaper) version of one for kids (or adults).  Oh, yes, and the rugs...seriously amazing...  I need to stop.  
Anyways, these sweet people at the Land of Nod have offered to give one lucky reader a 50 dollar gift card.  Yep, that's right.  I'm pretty stinking excited.  I kind of wish I could enter!  For details, scroll past those…
Oh, wow.  How cute is this sweet little classroom valentine??  Minted, you sure know what you're doing.  p.s.  We ordered E's birthday invites from here...ever so pleased with the results.  And also pleased with a $25 discount for a referral.  Yep.  

{Sweet Treats Classroom Valentine's Day Cards}

One year old!

Our baby is one year old!!!! Gosh, I can't believe it. I am so thankful for this little one in our lives. Time has sure flown by. I will write a proper one year update soon and next weekend we'll really celebrate, but for now here are a few pics from the day since I can't sleep. And yes, that's the cake I made. I tried to layer it. Mistake. Please tell me someone else sucks in the baking department??!! I'm not alone, right?

Favorite, all-time, always-been-good-to-me beauty products...

Favorite beauty products of all time.  Period.  So, as you can tell, I love myself some Bobbi Brown products.  I've been a little obsessed with them since Jr. high.  And the obsession hasn't stopped because the products are pretty much amazing and so consistent.  They have the most educated makeup artists.  And the company focuses on taking beauty from what's already there, not creating a mask.  When I was a dorky teen (13, maybe?), my aunt and I went to a BB event at Neiman Marcus.  I was wearing baggy khakis, Adidas three stripe shoes, frizzy hair, a tan sweater set, and had some nice cotton in my ears from a recent surgery.  I know this because we have a photo to prove it.  It was awesome.  But, the man doing my makeup was the absolute sweetest and made my dorky self feel like an absolute queen.  Further obsessed.  Then, when I lived in Morocco, I needed to replenish my stash.   So, on a trip to Madrid, I went to the BB counter at the department store.  Amazingly, same…
Baby doll...

...we put the pacifier in...

...we burp the baby...
...and on that note, if we had this, we might take her for a walk... Isn't this the cutest?  A baby doll jogging stroller!

{Corolle Tidoo Strawberry Baby Doll and Jogging Stroller}
I'm in love with this pink Dhurrie rug from PB Kids.  I for one think it would be gorgeous in our living room, especially under the pink pouf Mom and Dad got me for Christmas.  Zach, maybe not so much.  Either way, it would look adorable in a nursery or kids room for sure.

How big is Eloise?

SO Big.  :)

Table Numbers

How pretty are these letterpress table numbers from BHLDN?  Love the blue and the sweet design.


Hollywood Red.

This lip gloss = awesome.  Bobbi Brown's Hollywood Red Gloss.  I've been trying to be more bold with my lip color choices/wear lip color more often, so I bought this in an attempt to do so.  Not disappointed.  It's the color I'm wearing in a few of those Christmas photos in the last post. It's definitely very bright, but the great part is that it's gloss, so a) you don't have to apply it perfectly at first and b) you can apply a light layer or be super bold by adding more.  If you're thinking of going for red, it's definitely worth a whirl.  p.s.  You will never be disappointed with any Bobbi Brown products, just going to put that out there.  I might do a post on more later.

Christmas wrap-up.

Chritmas was so was wonderful to spend time with family and each other and take a step back from everything.   It's nice to have everyone so close.  Eloise's first Christmas was really fun.  She wasn't too interested in opening presents, but once they were out she enjoyed each and every one (still is).Her favorite...possibly her new teethers (ZoLi gummy sticks), especially since she finally has some teeth!  As of the 22nd.  Now she has four.  I'm glad I've been home this week to take care of her and let her get some good sleep during the day since she isn't sleeping as well at night. And I am thankful to be writing this post from my new Christmas laptop, thanks to Zach.  My old one was literally falling apart.  I won't write too much more...I need to get to sleep.  But here are some photos (yes, I've obviously completely given up on using a real camera).

Look, I pull up to standing...and get into things, including my messy drawers.

We love Chris…