Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas wrap-up.

Chritmas was so was wonderful to spend time with family and each other and take a step back from everything.   It's nice to have everyone so close.  Eloise's first Christmas was really fun.  She wasn't too interested in opening presents, but once they were out she enjoyed each and every one (still is).Her favorite...possibly her new teethers (ZoLi gummy sticks), especially since she finally has some teeth!  As of the 22nd.  Now she has four.  I'm glad I've been home this week to take care of her and let her get some good sleep during the day since she isn't sleeping as well at night. And I am thankful to be writing this post from my new Christmas laptop, thanks to Zach.  My old one was literally falling apart.  I won't write too much more...I need to get to sleep.  But here are some photos (yes, I've obviously completely given up on using a real camera).

Look, I pull up to standing...and get into things, including my messy drawers.

We love Christmas!

First visit with Santa.  Just look at that face.

Nan and Pap on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Eve Birthday girl.  I can't believe she's five already!

Opening gifts at Mom and Dad's house.  Eloise sitting in her new chair.  She really likes it.  She's a bit of a couch (chair) potato. :)

Christmas morning at our house.  We had a lot of fun picking out her gifts.

Her little baby doll.  She likes it a lot, which mostly means that she hits it on things now and tries to put its pacifier back in.

Playing with the boxes, which are way more fun than the toys.

Before heading out to Kemp/Willis Christmas.

First Christmas!

I loved this dress.  She looked so sweet.

Enjoying the chair again.

Love these girls and so happy we had them home!

Sweet Dani, who helps me remember there is light at the end of this PA school tunnel.

We got to go to Memphis to visit Bethany!  It was so nice and so fun.  Here we are at the Peabody, visiting the ducks.

Eloise with Aunt B and Uncle David.

Such fun.  And now I venture into the last few days of break.  I can barely stand to write that.  Love to you all!  Hope your new year has been off to a great start!

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