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Said playmat.

Said playmat below (p.s. ever since being in Morocco, every time I see "said" I hear  "Saayeed," as in the Arabic name spelled that way.  It drives me crazy.  Anyways...).  She's trying to get the pig chime, which you cannot see.
You guys, since Eloise has started napping, she has become this super-content, incredibly happy, fun-loving, sociable little baby.  It is such a blast to make her smile.  But I'm pretty sure she makes us smile more than we do her.  :)

Sweet stones.

I kind of can't get over how pretty these earrings are...all of them.  And I can't get over the prices, either...they look like they are worth a lot more...  They would be so perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

{By JooJoo Land on etsy via The neo-traditionalist}

Baby Find #16.

The Skip Hop Funky Farmyard Activity Mat.

We just got this mat (in less than 24 hours with $4.00 shipping...thank you Amazon Mom!) yesterday.  I had decided to hold off on a playmat at first, then opted to use a hand-me-down from my parents when Eloise got old enough (next time I would have gotten one sooner).  But, years of play finally took its toll and the playmat died.  And as much as she liked it, I was really, really excited to pick out a new one.  I'm in love with the Skip Hop Treetop Friends (A certain friend and I have been eyeing its cuteness for months...:), but with the $15 difference it felt hard to justify right now.  And I do think it's cute!  So, I ordered it and Eloise LOVES it!  And so do I.  I have to say that the actual toys aren't as high quality as I had hoped (she still likes them!), but the mat itself is really nice, and I love the way the arches are tall enough that they don't seem to be in her face all the time.  You can control the height of h…


No matter how many times and different ways I see this wallpaper, I still think it's awesome.
Oh, I forgot to add the source...Graham and Brown Black & White Wallpaper.

Round two.

This poor baby had round two of her shots today.  I felt so bad for her, but she did really well.  Only a little crying, then some cooing and sleeping.  With only a little over a week before school starts, I spent most of the day letting her sleep sweetly in my arms.  I don't want to miss a'll be hard pressed to find me apart from her in the next week.
Also, update...she is 13 pounds, 11 ounces (less than I had calculated on our scale) and is 25.5 inches long!  AND, she rolled over for the first time at the doctor's office!!  She wouldn't do it again, but once is enough for now.  :)

Navy Stripe. the look of these striped tablecloths from a cute baby shower {via OnToBaby}.  This would be so cute for any event (or for home :)!

iPhone App.

I love this Gadabout iPhone can write text messages and e-mail on all of the super adorable "stationery" options.  I need to start using it's an example below!

Super Cool Memory Game.

I need to learn to sew just for this.  The cutest Memory game.  Ever.

{From the Purl Bee via Pinterest}

Little lamb.

Have you guys seen this video yet?  I can't stop watching it, it's so funny.

Happy Four-month Birthday!

{Eloise rides on the mower with my's a rite of passage with Da}
Dear Eloise,
Two days ago you became a four-month old!  I can't even believe it, typing that out.  This past month you've grown so much.  You no longer seem like a tiny baby, and as much as I don't want you to get any bigger, it's been such a joy to see your personality shine.  You weigh a little over 14 pounds and you're still quite long (I'll have your length after our appointment on Thursday).  For the most part, you've moved into your 3-6 month clothing.  Unfortunately, you have lost most of your hair.  You look a tiny bit (a lot.) like an old man.
I think one of the biggest changes this month is how much you can hold up your head!  It makes such a difference.  When we hold you now, you spend a lot of time looking around and watching all that's going on.  It's fun to see what you end up staring at.  Today you enjoyed looking out the window at the wind blowing the leaves on…

Perfectly pink room.

I don't believe I'd mind living in this room, but it belongs to a six year old.

{via OhDeeDoh via Making It Lovely}

Go to town.

The other day I heard a knock at the door.  And there it was...a little package.  With a little return label from Kate Spade, no less.  Yet, I hadn't ordered anything.  I opened it up, squealing when I found this...a birthday gift from one of my besties.  I will be wearing it as many times a week as I can.  It is awesome.  It matches everything.  And it is pretty.  Thanks, pu.  :)

{Kate Spade "Go to Town" Idiom Bangle}

Someone's got the giggles.

Watch Eloise laugh away (I can't believe it!)...with a little surprise at the end.  :)

And the winner is...

And the winner of the Chewbeads giveaway is...
...Danielle Knapp (you should have an e-mail from me soon! :)!!!! 
Thanks so much to everyone for participating!  It was fun to see which necklaces everyone liked, too (seems like the Hudson in turquoise is a major winner!).  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm looking forward to standing up in a wedding of some really sweet friends tomorrow.  What a joy!


These new Rifle Paper "hello" cards are so adorable!!

And then there were three.

Here is the result of the family and newborn photos Joyce (dn.jy productions) took back in April...I'm amazed by how well they turned out.  Better than I could have even hoped for.