Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Find #16.

We just got this mat (in less than 24 hours with $4.00 shipping...thank you Amazon Mom!) yesterday.  I had decided to hold off on a playmat at first, then opted to use a hand-me-down from my parents when Eloise got old enough (next time I would have gotten one sooner).  But, years of play finally took its toll and the playmat died.  And as much as she liked it, I was really, really excited to pick out a new one.  I'm in love with the Skip Hop Treetop Friends (A certain friend and I have been eyeing its cuteness for months...:), but with the $15 difference it felt hard to justify right now.  And I do think it's cute!  So, I ordered it and Eloise LOVES it!  And so do I.  I have to say that the actual toys aren't as high quality as I had hoped (she still likes them!), but the mat itself is really nice, and I love the way the arches are tall enough that they don't seem to be in her face all the time.  You can control the height of her toys by using extra rings (lifesavers).  Also, the arches aren't made out of wire like some, so it's more flexible when moving from room to room (important in our house where everything is compartmentalized).   And most of all I appreciate that fact that the design is more modern, as well as the fact that it is really gender neutral!  She spent a quite a long time this morning trying to roll on her side to grab the little pig chime.  So, I'm quite happy with the purchase.  And with having a playmat in general.  Such a great distraction and also a fun way to gauge where they're at developmentally!

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