Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Four-month Birthday!

{Eloise rides on the mower with my's a rite of passage with Da}

Dear Eloise,

Two days ago you became a four-month old!  I can't even believe it, typing that out.  This past month you've grown so much.  You no longer seem like a tiny baby, and as much as I don't want you to get any bigger, it's been such a joy to see your personality shine.  You weigh a little over 14 pounds and you're still quite long (I'll have your length after our appointment on Thursday).  For the most part, you've moved into your 3-6 month clothing.  Unfortunately, you have lost most of your hair.  You look a tiny bit (a lot.) like an old man.

I think one of the biggest changes this month is how much you can hold up your head!  It makes such a difference.  When we hold you now, you spend a lot of time looking around and watching all that's going on.  It's fun to see what you end up staring at.  Today you enjoyed looking out the window at the wind blowing the leaves on trees.  When people smile at you, you've taken to smiling back, then burying your head in our shoulders.  It's so sweet.  You love looking out now at the world around you in general, sitting on our laps or riding in the big part of your stroller when we go out.

You also love playing with all of your toys.  The Skwish is probably your favorite, but you've taken to almost everything now.  And, like any good baby, you try to put them all in your mouth.  Tonight, it was a stuffed giraffe.  You can also sit up on our laps while we read to you now and you usually end up touching and "turning" the pages...Peek-A-Who? is our most recent favorite.  

As of last week, you started doing little baby push-ups during tummy time!  You're getting much stronger.  You're starting to prop up a little bit on your side, but not enough to roll over by yourself yet.  You seem to use tummy time mostly to find the optimal angle to chew on your hands, though.

Overall the biggest change is your ability to sleep during the day!  Just about three weeks ago, you began to nap.  It changes everything.  You do wake up about once a night usually now, but you're a much happier baby when you get a few naps in.  We're able to take you out a little bit more now, as long as we don't push it too much.  You're usually awake for about an hour in-between naps and then for a few hours before bed.  

Now that you're in a little happier in the evenings, we have so much fun playing before bed.  You've begun to giggle and laugh!  We have to work pretty hard for a good belly laugh, though.  You love squealing (it's very, very high-pitched! :)  in delight!  It's pretty entertaining.  Although you still coo, you're into making other new noises as well, including blowing raspberries all the time.

We've had so much FUN with you this month!  I still love to cuddle with you and I'm thankful that you still seem to like to as well.  But, I'm enjoying seeing you develop and grow as a sweet baby girl.  I still think I might burst from how much I love you sometimes.  You continue to be the most incredible joy to us, day after day.  Cannot wait to see what this next month holds for you!

Your mom

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