Thursday, May 26, 2011

Round two.

This poor baby had round two of her shots today.  I felt so bad for her, but she did really well.  Only a little crying, then some cooing and sleeping.  With only a little over a week before school starts, I spent most of the day letting her sleep sweetly in my arms.  I don't want to miss a'll be hard pressed to find me apart from her in the next week.

Also, update...she is 13 pounds, 11 ounces (less than I had calculated on our scale) and is 25.5 inches long!  AND, she rolled over for the first time at the doctor's office!!  She wouldn't do it again, but once is enough for now.  :)


  1. Taliila got hers today! So funny that they're so close in age. I was shocked to see that Eloise is bigger than T. For some reason, I feel like she looks tinier in her pictures. T's 12 lbs 14oz and 24.5 inches long, with a head circumference of 43cm, which put her in the 89th percentile! Our little weeble-wobbler. Can't wait to see them together!


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