Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cocoa & Hearts.

Loving Cocoa & Hearts (Made By Girl's new venture)!! 

Such cool paintings in such wonderful colors.


  1. OMG...I wrote back on my blog too, but I totally THOUGHT it was you at DQ. Then I felt like a stalker because I kept looking over trying to get a better look. That is hilarious. Now I wish I would have said something!!! Nice to ALMOST meet you. Eloise is even CUTER in person!!

  2. SO funny! haha. I was doing the same thing! I was waiting for someone to call your name so I could be sure! :) Umm....when I did keep looking over..Tyler's hair?? What a cutie!! Nice to almost meet you, too! We walked to DQ that wore Eloise OUT! :)

  3. Tyler's hair = OUT of control. We rediscovered his curliness as it has grown out. We had kept it short for so long. So we are trying to see if we like it curly...or if it just needs to be short. It is really cracking me up!

    I probably should have walked to DQ myself to burn off all the oreo blizzared we dominated :)

    Love reading your blog and your cute posts!


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