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A weak photo of said Moroccan Rug (in our guest room before it was complete).  I tried to salvage no avail.  But I can't bring myself to throw it out.  I bargained for it with a sweet man deep in the Fez medina.  I fought hard for my price.  And drank mint tea while I bargained.  I'm not ready to let go.

Wow rugs.

I was just on Making It Lovely, getting some nursery inspiration.  Which brought me to Madeline Weinrib rugs.  Which made me so happy.  I want every single one.  Then I looked up the locations and realized they sell them at Barneys, which means I doubt I will ever own one.  :)  But aren't they incredible?  They remind me of my favorite Moroccan rug (which one of our dogs recently ruined...I'm still in mourning).

{Fuchsia & Silver Metallic RivaPink & Orange Lulu; Iris OliviaHot Pink & Orange Orleans}


Can't wait to read more of this blog...Moms Inc Daily. It led me to this, which would be fun for Eloise.

{Maptote Paris Onezie}

Happy Halloween!

Rosie cheeks.

Just rediscovered this photo of Rosie (my niece) from about a year and a half ago.  Isn't it the sweetest?

I was trying to help her fall asleep a few weeks ago and she grabbed my face and told me she loved me.  It was.  The.  Best. 

Will you please...

...tell me if you ever happen to see one of these dear plates (Gwinnett Lane by Kate Spade) floating around?  They've been discontinued and we already need a replacement.  I love them so much...I get a little bit of joy each time I pull one out of the cabinet.  p.s. That's the top of our wedding cake from our anniversary this year (It wasn't bad.  It wasn't really great, either).  You don't really need that first photo, but I had to post it because of Zach's face.  He looks so excited.  :)

Oh la la.

Picked up this "Ha'Penny Cardigan" at Anthro last weekend.  I love how versatile it is (you can tie it in the middle, on the side, leave it open, etc.) and the length makes me feel oh, so glamorous.  Plus, it's nice to have something that I can wear with belly now and sans belly later.

Kids prints.

I've not always been a huge fan of name prints, but isn't this one so cute?  And the map, too.

{Map of Europe and Custom Name Print by The English Muffin Shop via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Pink goodness.


I know I already put these up recently, but I'm going to again.  I'm in love.  I can't figure it out.  They're so cute.  I think I like the way they sit a tiny bit higher on the hip. I think I also might believe buying these jeans will give me the model's legs.  Oh, well.  I'm contemplating using them as motivation to lose baby weight this spring.  Like a carrot dangling at my nose.  

{Kate Spade Broome Street Jeans}


Finis!  Safi!  Ya Esta!  Done!

Thanks for all the opinions on bedding!!  Dwell Studio Zinnia has won!  So excited to have that picked out.  Now moving on to other details.  Rug...Yellow or gray (below) or black and white?  Walls...for sure pink?  If so, found the perfect pink (thanks, Danielle!).  Rocker or glider (The Eames rocker below is awesome, but it does look a bit uncomfortable for a 4am feeding.)?

{Clockwise from top left: Land of Nod Up in the Sky Mobile; Land of Nod Doe, a Dear, a Female Chandalier; Martha Stewart Weddings Red Foam Garlands; Anthropologie Small Zinnia Knobs in Aqua; DwellStudio Zinnia Crib Set; Land of Nod "E" Print; Land of Nod Suitcases; Sky Fallon Rug; Eames Reproduction Rocker; Norah's Nursery from OhDeeDoh; DwellStudio Pattern Pals Owl; DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib}

Do we have a winner?

Maybe this is what I'm looking for... {Dwell Studio}

Will do.

Ih Wunt That.

I like.

Pretty, pretty.  I give you good price.

{Z Gallerie}


I'm a little stuck right now on the nursery front.  Zach has completely vetoed my yellow zebra print rug (WHAT?...why?).  He doesn't veto much, so I'm not pushing it.  And I keep changing my mind on bedding.  I want it to be sweet but have color and character, and now I can't decide.  Ugh.  Using these images from Design Sponge for inspiration.  I plan on finishing this search tomorrow.  That's right.

p.s.  Nobody ever tells you that as your belly grows, it will feel like you are going to burst, like a tight balloon.  Here I am...telling you.

Weekend roundup. If you can handle the length.

This past weekend was such a joy.  A visit to Miami (of Ohio) for a joint baby shower for Jord and I, and some really wonderful quality time with friends.  Although I would have died to spend more time with any one of these people, the weekend still didn't feel rushed or manufactured.  Each time I go back to Oxford, I'm amazed by how much my heart feels at "home."  Not that it doesn't feel at home other places.  It does.  I love my home now.  My life with my husband and my family and our church, which are all more than I had hoped or imagined.  I just think there's something so special about being in a place where you grew so much.  Spiritually and emotionally, the Lord used this place and these people to teach me a whole stinking lot.   The minute I drive down High Street, the minute I walk into Kofenya - it's like my body takes a deep breath.  It prepares to learn and grow.  It opens up and eases.  It soaks in everything and every interaction.  I miss i…


Just saw that Lisa had this posted on facebook...Font day on DesignSponge.  Oh, what joy (also...drooling over the home sneak peeks recently)!  That reminds me...I find myself a little sad with the font choices for blogging here.  Does anyone know how one might expand their options on blogger?

29 weeks.


This might be the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen.

{Dahlia by Amsale (Love the name, too).  Seen here on Style Me Pretty}

Kate Spade, why do you do this to me?