Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm a little stuck right now on the nursery front.  Zach has completely vetoed my yellow zebra print rug (WHAT?...why?).  He doesn't veto much, so I'm not pushing it.  And I keep changing my mind on bedding.  I want it to be sweet but have color and character, and now I can't decide.  Ugh.  Using these images from Design Sponge for inspiration.  I plan on finishing this search tomorrow.  That's right.

p.s.  Nobody ever tells you that as your belly grows, it will feel like you are going to burst, like a tight balloon.  Here I am...telling you.


  1. That's sad about the rug- but that's nice of you to not fight it. My vote would be for the color on the wall to not be pink and have lots of pink accents. I also think the bedding could be pretty simple, white with pink trim like the middle picture and then you can really get funky with all the extras (lamps, rugs, etc). And that sounds scary about your belly- don't burst ok? I keep doing the math and 29 weeks means 7 months right? But then you would be due in November and that's not right. I don't understand :(


    What about the polka dots? Too much?


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