Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can I tell you a funny story?

For Aleza's wedding, all of us unbridesmaids wore a purple or yellow dress.  And I found one a few weeks ago in a size up.  Fast forward two weeks, and it gathered weirdly around my tush.  Belly growth spurt (and apparently everywhere else spurt).  So, I wore this dress I have had for many years so I could return the other.  And I liked the way it looked.  But it was tight.  I had to be zipped in and zipped out.  But the funniest part.  I was bending down to get something (which I had vowed not to do for good reason) and I actually fell over (not dangerously so).  Bent at the knees and tumbled like a domino from sheer lack of give.  Somehow, it did not rip.  That, my friends, is the miracle of tweed.

Maternity dresses.  They have them for a reason.


  1. Haaaalarious!!! How did I miss that?? How did you get back up? Is there video? I'm glad your dress stayed together all night- you and Eloise sure did look stunning in it!


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