Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi, little baby.

Dear baby girl,

I thought I would write you a little note today.  I'm sitting here while our puppies, Sam and Mookie, nap away.  They will be very excited to meet you.  Too excited, maybe.   I have a feeling they will find you to be the perfect nap buddy, spending much time at your crib side.  

You could be here in 14 weeks or less.  You're due on your uncle's birthday.  I am hoping you will wait just as long as possible, so your birthday won't be too close to Christmas.  Silly, I know.  Either way, I promise never to combine them.  Your auntie Deepika will make sure of this.  :)

You've been kicking more recently.  And you always seem to wake up around midnight.  Maybe you're a night owl like me.  Or maybe you're just a baby.  :)  The other day your dad gave you a little push when you kicked (or punched) and you responded with another one.  And again and again.  It made us smile.  You don't like it when I bend over or when my pants are too tight.  You kick me.  I guess they cramp your style.  I hear you.  They cramp my style, too.

I am working on gathering things for your nursery and your crib came in last week.  Soon we will be clearing out your room to get it all ready.  The thought is very exciting.
Can't wait for you to be here!

Your mom   


  1. Dear Eloise,

    You have the sweetest the mommy who loves you so much already. You also have so many other people who already think about you all the time and can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to see your tiny face and watch you grow big.



  2. That is the sweetest little letter Col. And yes, Eloise, don't you worry. Christmas will NOT affect your birthday at all because you are just so special and whatever day you decide to come into the world will be such a special one, indeed.


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