Thursday, August 17, 2017

Candle obsessions.

I'm going to do it, you guys.  I'm going to attempt to blog regularly after a long, long hiatus.  The last 4-5 years of our lives still feel like they were somewhat of a blur and although a lot of the fog lifted after Zach graduated, the past few weeks have been the first time we've all had a regular schedule in years.  It's pretty wonderful, but to be honest, it feels a bit foreign and weird, but I'm going to soak it up.  And, this is one of the ways I plan on doing that.  I do still plan to give an update on our move (a lot of you liked the fact that you knew what was going on in our lives when I blogged :), but for now, I move on to a silly post.  About my favorite candles. 

I really want our new house to feel like a home, and for it to have its own scent that my kids know when they walk in the door. So, I hopped over to Anthro the other day to stock up {the fact that hop and Anthro can now be in the same sentence makes me pretty giddy} and oh, my word, the choices.  Here are the current ones we have burning.  Tip from the Anthro employee- if you want that "fill your home" type of scent -stick to the Illume brand (they make the Capri Blue ones- if you look on the website, simply search "Illume"). Her other tip -  make sure to burn for a full 2-3 hours the first time so it burns evenly the rest of the times you use it.  I have the first three all burning on the first floor and they don't seem to clash.  Links are below photos and the photos are pulled from the Anthropologie site. 

This one smells amazing and the ceramic container if fabulous, but the scent isn't going last quite as long - I have this in the kitchen.  

Gold Cinched Candle in Blackberry Absinthe - This starts to smell like fall and the scent lasts forever.  It's incredible.  And it has that cute gold stand.  This one is a seasonal collaboration between Anthro and Illume. 

Capri Blue Volcano - this candle can do no wrong.  It fills the whole house.  It's the signature Anthropologie scent you think of when you enter the store. 

Voluspa Mokara - I only use this one in small spaces because it doesn't last as long, but it smells amazing.  The store clerk said it's simply that the scent is lighter - the brand's other scents last longer. 

Other options I love:   Theseand these, and then when the weather gets cooler... I plan to get these and then this one from Bath and Body Works never fails.  

Saturday, February 11, 2017


You guys.  These are by far these worst videos ever made.  Yet I made them.  That's your first piece of information.  Second - why?  Why on earth would you post these silly, low-quality videos?
I've had some people ask about my hair recently, specifically the waves/curls I've been doing.
And, we've all talked about getting together, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  So, here you go.  I can't wait to get my first thumbs down on YouTube.  Also, I am completely aware that there are much more important things going on in the world right now. 🙂

The main product that makes the difference for me is my curling iron, The Beachwaver (I use the S1 most of the time, S .75 less often).  I swear I'm not trying to sell it. I just really, really like it.   I realize it is a lot of money for a curling iron, so it's an investment (the 20 % off coupons from Ulta apply to this product when they're available and you can apply for their points system - I got mine for 60% off doing this!).  There are a lot of other great options, but I'm not very skilled at those (curling wand seems to be most common, using the flat iron to curl).  With this one, you literally clamp you hair and press a button, hold it for 5-7 seconds, and ta-da!  They post tutorials on Instagram often - you can make a few different types of curls depending on how you use it.  I typically use the curling iron diagonally for normal/beachy waves.  If you use it horizontally, you'll have those crazy glam curls/Princess Kate bouncy hair.  For me, it's been worth the investments as far as hair products go.  Anyways, here are the videos...more info in them.   The other products I talk about are linked below.  Also, hair goals: Liz Adams, Haute Off the Rack, and Jillian Harris - always. 

This video is more about the products I use and how I dry my hair.   If you want to skip the fluff, go to video two.

And this one is more about the curling/Beachwaver.   Big takeaways - if you want lots of curl that lasts all day, use smaller sections and hold for longer.  Bigger curls that don't stay as tight - larger sections and don't hold as long. 

Product Links:
 {Locally I buy my Aveda Products at Salon Euphoria and the other products at Ulta or Nordstrom}
Drybar Triple Sec (Similar and smells amazing: Oribe Texturizing Spray)

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