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Have I ever shown you all more of our wedding?  I might as well while right after our anniversary.  These are very disorganized and random shots of our day from friends (one of my biggest regrets is not buying the digital copies of our professional photos!), but I thought I'd share!  It honestly was the most incredible day and SO much fun.  Even still, I can't think about it without my heart growing incredibly warm.  :)

Two years.

Two years today I have been married to this man.  The sweetest.  Over the past few months, he has taken over the house.  He cleans, he cooks, he does it all.  Never grumbling, never bitter.  It's incredible.  I am a lucky, lucky woman.  

Zach, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love you and how incredibly thankful I am for you.  The past two years have been wonderful (if a little crazy) and I can't wait for what's to come.  Thank you for being such an encourager and an amazing friend.  A wonderful husband, and a sweet dad.  Love you so much!  Happy Anniversary!


I will attempt this adorable Kate Spade hair-do this week.  It will also serve as "do not chop off hair" motivation.
I have finals in a little over a week.  Great, big, looming finals.  I will schedule a few posts for the week.  The real me will be scarce.

Happy Six-Month Birthday, Eloise!

Dear Eloise Anne,

Well, sweet baby...your fifth month has come and gone.  So sorry I missed that update.  So here I am to get us back on track.  Two days ago you turned a whopping SIX months old!  I absolutely can't believe it.  My, how time has flown.  You are no longer this tiny, little baby (although technically you still are :).  You are an adorable, fun, interactive little girl.  

These past two months, your personality has really started to shine.  You love to laugh and make noises; most mornings your dad walks in to find you playing with your feet and talking to yourself.  I'm pretty sure you are going to LOVE to talk.  You think it is hilarious to stick out your tongue, especially if you can make little cackling noises at the same time.  And the only reason you like drinking water is because it enhances the ability to gurgle loudly.  You're so much fun to be around.  You grab (and kick!) absolutely everything is sight at this point, including forks off tables, books …


Hi, my name is the heart.  I'm very complex.  I sit in your mediastinum.  I depolarize and repolarize.  I'm regular, sometimes irregular and maybe even irregularly irregular.  And I just so happen to be the reason Colleen hasn't blogged for awhile. 

p.s.  Treat me right with a healthy diet and some exercise.  :)

Skwish mobile!

Just ran into My Favorite Toys tonight while I spent some time with Eloise and they had this awesomeness in stock.  It's the skwish, but a mobile!  It would so cute for a mod-ish or classic nursery.  They have it on Amazon, but for those in the area, it's actually cheaper at My Favorite Toys (which has such a fun selection anyways :).


Love this little girl...

A reason... wear through my current lipstick as soon as possible.  :)  Kate Spade lipstick coming out in September.

Free printable on LayBabyLay!

This is one of those adorable free downloads from LayBabyLay.  I need to print it.   Soon.  :)

Lovely nursery!

I am in LOVE with this nursery (via OhDeeDoh).  Maybe it's because a few of the elements are similar to Eloise's room (rug, mobile, crib), but it's totally different.  It's one of those that makes me want to completely get up and change E's little room, despite how much I love it.  And the nursery has led me to LayBabyLay, the mom's website.  I'm officially obsessed.  It's every kind of thing I love about nurseries/babies in one site.  And her graphics have me swooning (she even has free downloads).  So fun!
Hi friends.  How is your week going?  I've been a-study, study, studying and we celebrated Zach's birthday this week.  Also, Eloise ate her first solids!  It goes something like plan: Breast-feed Eloise exclusively until six months or more, feeding her a first meal of fresh, organic steamed veggie of choice, pureed beautifully by my hand blender.  Reality:  I cannot pump enough to keep up with Eloise's feeding demands, so we start early.  No time to buy veggies.  No time to steam.  First meal of organic baby cereal from the grocery store mixed in with milk.
So much for plans.  When will I learn?
Also, her thoughts on solids?  Not so impressed.
Just a little heads up...The Land of Nod has 20% off all of their summer sale stuff right now!  They've got some great things on there, including some cute toys, changing pad covers (amazing!), and even strollers (actually, ours is on there in a different color).  Clicking on the link above will send you on over!


I've fallen head over heels for these little Eames Elephants.  Aren't they cute?  


I know I've mentioned the ring sling in previous posts, but I never actually posted on it specifically.  We loooove the ring sling.  I don't know what we would have done without it.    When Eloise was a few months old, it was the best way to calm her if she freaked out in public.  Now I use it when we're out and about at the store or otherwise (confession...I've only been to the grocery store once since school started....thank you, husband), or simply when we're around the house and I'm trying to get work done.  Slings don't take up much space in a bag, they're easy to adjust, and are incredibly versatile.  I've gathered a tiny collection, all of which were made by either my sister-in-law or friend Lauren (she made the one below).  Neither of these ladies are selling at this point, but I know you can find them on etsy, or you could purchase one of these beauties (via A Cup of Joe...she looks super stylin' in hers).  Recommend! :)  

I know everyon…

Jenna & Seon-Ho.

Jenna is married!  So fun!  We spent Saturday and Sunday in Cincinnati for the festivities. It was fun all around and SO good to see everyone.  And, Taliila (Jordie's little one) and Eloise officially met.  It was exciting...they even held hands.  :)   Oh, I'd love to write more, but there's work to be done.  Here are some pics...

Ellie did pretty well in the car!

T and E meet!


Fun rehearsal dinner at Montgomery Inn.

A little quality time with Meliss.

Eloise met Aunt Liz.

She was tired by the end of the night.

Fun times with Megs.

And I have only a few random pics of the bride, so I've stolen this from Megs.  Jenna looked gorgeous.