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Such a BIG girl.

Eloise is getting to be such a big girl.  She's even started playing peek-a-boo in her crib...pulls down the bumper to see where I'm at, then laughs.  Melts. my. heart.  

Easy listening.

Seriously, who thought of this?  Genius!  Lullabye renditions of amazing music!  I've been listening to the these Rockabye Baby! songs on Spotify the past few days.  Without Eloise.  :)  I have trouble studying with music, but this is pretty easy favorite songs without the words.  I plan to introduce her to it tomorrow.  I've been listening to their Coldplay version (and maybe a little Kanye).  Don't you love how they make their own cover version as well?  


They came.  My Minted cards.  I heart.  I recommend.

Also today?  Fun visit from Megs and Rosie (my niece) came for a sleepover.  We watched a princess movie.  Ate some pizza.  Read a few books before bed.  And now my baby girl in one room, and my Rosie in the other.  Eloise is now the age that Rosie was when I met her (I had still been in Morocco up until then).  It's so odd to think of.  She's grown up so, so fast.
Now to bed.  I took today off to do these fun things.  And now I have a lot to do tomorrow.  And by a lot, I mean a whole lot.  Ah, such is life.  The things we are learning now, though, they are incredibly interesting.

Wrap it up.

This pretty wrap shirt from Boden.  Love the print and also love the fact that I think it might actually look good on a curvy figure (cute, well-fitting shirts are one of the hardest things for me to find).

And this dress.

This amazing coat wrap coat from Talbots.  I have a thing for coats.  And a tight waist.  First saw this on Making It Lovely.

Happy Seven-Month Birthday!!

Dear Eloise,

Tomorrow you turn seven months old!!  Now that we're past six months, it seems like time is flying even faster.  I'm hoping it will slow down!!  

This month you've been very, very entertaining.  You started blowing raspberries a couple of months ago, but now I actually put a bib on you sometimes because you do it so often.  Spit goes everywhere.  Raspberries are kind of your standard response when people talk to you.  I mean, why not?  You've started laughing a little more easily.  And I do mean a little.  It's so sweet when you laugh.  But the absolute sweetest thing you do is smile a huuuuge smile, stick out your tongue just a little bit, then scrunch your nose.  Absolute delight.  With this, we know you're a happy, happy girl.

In other big news?  You sit up!  On your own!  Ok, let me clarify.  We put you in the sitting position and you remain in that position for quite a while.  This is new just in the past week.  You were almost sitting on your ow…

Baby Find #17

A little something pretty to make a nasty diaper change not - so - bad (other than your sweet little babe).  I have one in a bird print, but I absolutely love this sweet monogrammed one {by KatieBugBoutique on Etsy}.  Almost 7 months later, ours is still completely intact and nice-looking (and we are not gentle).

City Sprouts.

Had a little stop in City Sprouts last weekend.  Seriously, if you're in STL and you like babies, you should go there.  :)  I heart it.  I could have spent hours in there (oh, and they just got Chewbeads!).  Anyways, a few of the things we bought have become Eloise's new best friends (Aside from her #1 favorite toy this envelope.  Yep, you read that right.).

{Life Factory Teether}

{North American Bear Co. Ollie Poodle Cozy} (she also looooves these rabbits my mom bought's amazing how quickly we seem to misplace all of these)
And this book...oh, my she loves this book...and it's adorable.

{"In My Meadow" by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich}

Minted Mommy Cards.

Thanks to Nina, I'll now have 25 adorable calling cards from Minted for the cost of shipping!  So excited.  I've been wanting to order these badly (remember?), so I was pretty excited to see this.  I had a lot of trouble deciding on a design...I probably would have been happy with any of them.  I loved this adorable cursive one, but my name looked super funky on it, so I chose the above one because of the sweet stripes {Striped Elegance}.  Can't wait for them to get here.  Check it out!
p.s.  This doesn't include any promotion links.  I'm just really excited about it. :)


Isn't this the sweetest?  Thanks to my mother-in-law for this photo!


After checking out this toy at Target, then seeing a good report on Lay Baby Lay, I finally decided to buy this Zany Zoo activity center for Eloise!  She loooves it!!  Can you tell by her face? :)  It's so fun watching her play with it...she spends a lot of time talking to it, too.  And by talking I mean yelling really loudly.  It's pretty cute.

It's official.

I have my white coat.  Actually, it's no more official really than when I started two months ago, but it feels like it.  Our white coat ceremony was last Friday, at the end of our first exam week.  Unit One - Done.  Honestly, my brain felt (still feels a bit) like a brick wall by the end of the last exam.  But they are over.  I've spent the past few days trying to feel like a human being again, but it seems that's a slow process.  It has all continued to be rough, but I've made it.  And I'm really proud of myself.  Honestly, I have a hard time saying that sometimes, but right now, I can say it confidently.  I can't say I've handled it all gracefully, nor am I near a top student in my class, but I have made it one-fifth of the way through.  And I've heard that it only gets easier from here, or at least that you have learned how to do things and handle it better.  So cheers to that!  Cheers to a few days off!  And cheers to venipuncture practice today and…

Cute and quite pertinent.

{"You are here" Roll & Tumble Press poster via OhDeeDoh}