Saturday, August 27, 2011


They came.  My Minted cards.  I heart.  I recommend.

Also today?  Fun visit from Megs and Rosie (my niece) came for a sleepover.  We watched a princess movie.  Ate some pizza.  Read a few books before bed.  And now my baby girl in one room, and my Rosie in the other.  Eloise is now the age that Rosie was when I met her (I had still been in Morocco up until then).  It's so odd to think of.  She's grown up so, so fast.

Now to bed.  I took today off to do these fun things.  And now I have a lot to do tomorrow.  And by a lot, I mean a whole lot.  Ah, such is life.  The things we are learning now, though, they are incredibly interesting.

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